Women in Real Estate Industry!

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Women in Real Estate Industry!

Many will say that real estate is an environment dominated by men, that only they are capable of being successful, that they have dominated this environment from the beginning and yes, it may be true, it is a reality that, for the most part, men have been present from the origin but today, after years and years of struggle, after years and years of perseverance and dedication, today we can say that not everything is in your hands because women have entered strong, with firm step , achieving everything that nobody expected and opening doors for future generations.

The feminine vision of real estate has been making its way over time, bringing innovation, bringing fresh air, renewing practices that were losing relevance and equating the number of people covered by the branch of business practically equaling or even surpassing to the number of men who are active today. We can see hundreds of examples of women entrepreneurs, who want to give their position and who seek to overthrow that feeling that there is a gap between them; statistically speaking, according to data from the NAR (National Association of Realtors), women comprise: 56% of licensed brokers, 66% of sales agent dealers, 63% of full-time sales agents and 69% of part-time sales agents, reflecting how they have been able to break with standards and move to lead large successful businesses.

Here are some of the most famous examples of women who have been able to reach the top of real estate:

Ivanka Trump

She serves as vice president of the Real State Development and Acquisitions of the Trump Organization and has also held important occupations within the Trump empire closest to the area of acquisitions and design where she managed the purchase of the Doral Resort & Spa in Miami and the renovation of the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington DC She is also known as the daughter of the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Dorothy Herman

A woman who since the 1990s has been determined to create her empire, starting with Prudential Long Island Realty and later with the Douglas Elliman multi-story carriage house. Today she is positioned as one of the most powerful and influential women in the country with an estimated net value of $ 270 million.

MaryAnne Gillmartin

President and CEO of Forest City Ratner Companies Maryanne which has been responsible for building the vast majority of the largest projects in the city of New York.

Cervera Real Estate

A case worthy of mention because it has been a company full of successes through four generations of women who bear the surname Cervera. Alicia Cervera, with her perseverance and vision, was the one that began laying the foundations of what we know today as one of the most prestigious real estate companies in the country.

Tami Bonner

General Director of Exit Realty, is in charge of supervising 30,000 agents and 600 offices, positioning her as one of the most influential women in the market and also, allowing 75% of important positions in her company to be occupying women.

Observing closely how the development of these women full of dedication and success has been, you can realize that, in the places where you least believe they can be, a woman will always be an important part and if she is not, she will surely be struggling to be one. That is why we at IRG Corporation wish you Happy International Women’s Day!

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“Whatever you want in life, there will always be another person who also wants it. I created enough in yourself to accept that you have
the same right as others to achieve it”.

Diane Sawyer

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