Why sellers exaggerate the price of their homes ?

Selling a property can seem quite simple if you look at it from a distance, but once you get into the processes involved you realize that you need to know certain important aspects that are going to determine if your property is going to sell or not.

The overpriced property is one of the main reasons why they are not sold in the first instance and spend too much time in the market creating frustration in the sellers, but there are ways to solve these small details that can become a problem of big dimensions So here we leave you some of the reasons why the properties are put on sale with surcharge:

They expect that they come to haggle:

You think that the first thing that a buyer will do when trying to make a deal with you will be to bargain the price you have and for this you place the highest price so that after an exchange, you reach the price that you should have placed . This can play against you by scaring away those who might be able to buy your house at the logical price.

They want to compete against everyone:

After seeing the comparables and realizing what are the prices that are handled in properties with a distribution similar to yours, you want to earn more than all of them. Placing a price outside the normal ranges will only make your house between the last options.

They are emotionally united:

Whether you built something inside the property with your own hands or because you have lived in it for many years, emotional attachment can play against you when it comes to pricing a house. Be careful with feelings and be objective when placing a price.

They think they are smarter than the buyer:

You should never underestimate the people who want to buy your property because for this reason you could stay in the market long enough to make your future plans go bankrupt.

Always remember that the previous analysis of the market, the comparables, the different pros and cons of your property and whatever the current physical condition are essential to present a price that is in accordance with what is out there, thus being absolutely attractive for potential buyers who see your property as a great opportunity.

important phrase:

“Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.”

Zig Ziglar.
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