What To know to have a good Negotiation!

Acquiring a property within real estate entails following certain steps which represent a negotiation in its entirety and that is why in order to obtain the success you really want, you need to have a negotiating capacity that allows you to face any situation, be it whatever, and know very well what to do.Before even trying any kind of negotiation, it is important to know certain aspects of the market, such as their different movements, the comparables that exist and how different clients are handled, since this is the only way to better understand what the movements will be to follow and the strategies that you must use to carry the purchase or sale until the final result where all the parties are in accordance with the established. For this, here we tell you what you should avoid when negotiating:


You may have experienced thousands of negotiations and believe that the next one to come will be simple, but what this market has is that it is sometimes so unpredictable that you may encounter situations in which overconfidence makes you miss an opportunity that will not come back Be cautious and measure your emotions because only then will you objectively see what is happening

Little empathy:

Believing that only you have needs and concerns is a mistake that many professionals make. We all have motivations and the more we understand this, the better our negotiation skills will be, since you will be able to understand the other party and know what to say and how to act in specific situations.

Be impatient:

Many times mistakes are made by not taking the time to analyze the pros and cons of a situation, thus causing business to be lost that could easily be successful. Be patient, analyze the panorama very well, read carefully all the aspects and understand what is happening in order to find the best answer to any proposal.


Know how to respond to any situation you may face in a negotiation. This is linked to patience because the better you understand the terms, the more effective and direct your response will be, allowing you to unlock a purchase or a sale that seemed difficult to make.

The success of any business that you decide to do will depend a lot on how you handle yourself and what the sensations you project, because in this way the other person will feel enough security to take the step you are looking for. Practice makes perfect and the more negotiations, the better the results that are to come.

important phrase:

“In a negotiation or a sale, it is not about being right or winning the debate, because often, if you win the debate, you will lose the sale. Do not fight against the client, drive him. “

Brian Tracy.
Public motivational speaker and author of Canadian-American personal development.

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