What is an AS IS sale?

The term as is represents a sale in which the property is sold in the current condition which makes it clear that the owner will not make any change or any repair for more than necessary. This type of house can represent an investment opportunity with great potential for some or a warning for others, but in the end who decides to make a purchase with this requirement is because he already knows a lot about the subject and considers that this is the option that Looking For.When you are reviewing a list and you come across a house that has this description it will mean that the state of it is probably not the right one to move immediately or to live without encountering any problem, therefore, generally those who opt for these properties are people who are looking to invest their money to then make the necessary arrangements to then sell.With this type of conditions you have to be very careful because even if it means that you are going to buy whatever the situation you can find a number of details that could exceed the expectations you have. Generally this type of housing is sold because the current owner does not have enough money to repair it or simply needs to leave it to obtain an economic benefit that improves their current situation. Here we leave some tips that may be important to know if a sale is as is the best for you:


Because the condition can usually be a common topic to negotiate the final price, the amount can turn out to be a great opportunity for those who want to invest, improve and obtain a higher profit later.


Although it is known that it could easily be a good opportunity, at other times you can realize that the amount of repairs you should do could result in an excessive loss that exceeds your budget.


It is important that you decide to look for a home inspector to help you verify what the current state of the house is, to verify that there are no more problems than necessary. Remember to get an inspection contingency which allows you to get away from the deal if you find something you do not like.


Because the majority of buyers of this type of property are investors, the times of negotiation and closing of deal are quite fast in companyraciĂłn con negociaciones comunes.

Opportunities in real estate are everywhere, but precisely the only way to find the one that best suits you is by doing a preliminary investigation which will clarify what you want and what are the places where you can actually find what he wants. If you are a seller of these types of houses, do not hesitate to contact us.

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“The important thing is not what you know, but how fast you learn”.

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