What is a “ Bird Dog ”?

What is a “Bird Dog”?

As a term it refers to hunting dogs that can point to the location of a bird and then retrieve it once its owner has shoot it down. This term has also translated into the Real Estate world and it can mean something slightly similar, only it’s not birds, it’s houses. Basically, a Bird Dog in the world of Real Estate is a person who spends its time searching for properties that can offer a big profit margin, and houses that fit certain criteria, these criteria are usually around distressed houses which are selling at a discount.
What is a “Bird Dog”?

A Bird Dog is basically an expert in finding a good deal for investors, they find properties that can become the perfect rental deal with amazing cash flow, then they pass on the information regarding the property to the investors whose criteria it fits in exchange of a fee. It’s a pretty good kind of job and differs quite a bit from a Wholesaler, because as the Bird Dog’s job ends at passing the information, the Wholesaler goes further, they negotiate with the seller to a price it could benefit them, and promote the property till they find the end buyer for it.

The work of a Bird Dog is pretty straight-forward, look around for properties, till they find one and give it to investors, however a bird dog won’t get paid till the lead they find closes, if it closes, and if they have said luck they’d get around a $1000 for their job, which is why plenty of them eventually become a Wholesaler, who per deal can make anywhere from $5000 to $15000, which is a big difference.

Now the question is, who can be a Bird Dog? It’s a great way to start out in the Real Estate business and create connections with investors and wholesalers in case you decide to actually become part of the market, but you don’t need any special requirements to be a Bird Dog. You can create a great group of clients while doing it though, so if you ever go into Real Estate as a full time job, you have already created relationships with those who are super involved and will get your deals going fast!

We totally recommend if you want to start into Real Estate to try this technique out first, create relationships, involve yourself in it and see if it works out for you before dedicating fully to it!

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