We buy and sell homes in other Counties

Other Counties

We buy and sell homes in other counties as well! We buy homes in St Lucie County as well as Orange County! We like to invest in properties that can give us a big margin of profit, so we work with very special properties, like distressed properties as well as properties with big discounts! These kind of deals are amazing for our business and gives us the opportunity to grow from South Florida towards all of Florida! We also sell houses in these counties! The best part of it all is that if you have a property in these Counties we are more than willing to do some co-wholesaling to help you promote the properties and create a great networking system where we can help each other in business in the future!



The best part of it all? We offer you the best Hard Money Loans, Lines of credit and Transactional Funding, fitted towards your Real Estate purchase! These type of financial aid is absolutely amazing for the investor or the homeowner! We can help you find the next best deal and be able to pay for it or get you your dream home with the best chance of moving to it really fast!

Hard Money Loans

Our Financing solutions for your Real Estate purchase is available in other counties as well! We offer you Hard Money Loans, Lines of Credit and Transactional Funding with no upfront costs, credit check and no extra fees! If you get one of them with us you get a free evaluation and closing in 4 days with the lowest interest rate and an approval timeline of 1 day! You can get a loan anywhere from $75,000 up to $5,000,000 and you can pay it back in a loan term of 1 to 3 years! The Loan to Value percentage is super good, of 70-90%!

How we work

In other counties the process is pretty much the same! We buy houses in cash, so first go to this form and let us know the address of your property, we will check it out and you will get a response in less than 24 hours, once that’s done we can move on to making the deal happen in a week your property will be sold and you will have your cash! If you are more into the investing part of business, we like to sell houses in different Counties all over South Florida, so you will find our best Real Estate deals in all of them, send us your offer for it and we can work on it till it’s a deal!

We can also do Co-Wholesaling! We can promote the property for you to our thousands of clients and get the deal sold super quickly! So if you are interested on that, contact us and let us know what other deals you have running around!


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