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We buy and sell houses Miami-Dade! As well as we do it in every other county, in Miami-Dade we have many things to offer the common Realtor, Real Estate Investor and Homeowner! We buy homes in any condition and any situation in this County as it is a really fast place for a good Real Estate transaction, and since we offer Cash Offers, working with us gets you the best chance to get your house sold in a week! Not only that, but we sell houses in this county as well! We can get you any type of house you’re looking for as well as get you the best opportunity to invest on a great high income property!

– Miami Beach: Do you have a home for sale in Miami Beach?! Don’t worry, we buy houses in cash in that area as is a highly touristic one, which brings out tons of traffic around them, which brings out a lot of interest for rentals, which is the hottest Real Estate investment you can make in the zone! But if you’re in the process of buying a home we are to help you out as we sell homes all over Miami Beach, all of them in the areas that work better for your family, as these houses are usually well located school wise, so this is for sure one of the best and safest areas to put your money down and invest in you and your family’s future! Also, Miami Beach is one of the best areas for investors as they can generate a positive cash flow very easily, and even better for you, we have the best investment houses for those who are looking to start investing in Real Estate, we offer everything you might need for you Real Estate needs all in one place!

– North Miami Beach: If you live in North Miami Beach and have ever told yourself: “I need to sell my home fast!” you have made it to the right place! Here in IRG Corporation we are always in the lookout of properties for sale in this area as we are Real Estate Investors, and we like working with North Miami Beach because is a highly touristic area, and in here we love having some rentals during the summer and winter while also working on some investment properties during the rest of the year, like a fix and flip or a deep rehab here and there! But if you are looking to purchase a property, we have tons of properties for sale all over North Miami, even if its just a house for you and your family or you are a property investor, working with us here in IRG Corporation will make this process a lot easier and smoother!

– Pinecrest: If you are in the process of buying a home in South Florida, we cannot recommend enough Pinecrest, one because it’s one of our favorite places to invest is also one of the places we love selling houses to our clients since it’s perfect for families, since the school district here is absolutely amazing, while it still is one of the most touristic places in Miami, meaning there’s always movement here and tons of properties for sale, which is great news for everyone looking to buy houses! But if you’re on the other side of the coin and need to sell your house fast, we are Real Estate investors and we buy homes in cash all over Pinecrest, so don’t even worry, we love investing in Real Estate in this area because we get the best and hottest rental deals with a high cap rate! Work with us through your Real Estate needs and you will get the best deals!

– Miami Lakes: The best part of Real Estate investing in Miami Lakes is the fact that you get the hottest rental deals ever, especially in condo buildings and apartment buildings, so working that kind of deals is great because they tend to bring out a positive cash flow every month and the properties in the area usually offer high cap rates great for the investor, so that’s why when we sell homes for our clients we tend to have tons of this type of deals to suffice the high demand of it all! But don’t worry if you’re yelling at the screen: “I need to sell MY HOME!” we got this ovecred as well! We like to purchase different type of properties all over Miami Lakes as well, from houses to multifamily deals, so we always have a big stock of properties for sale for our clients! So if you want to buy or sell a house in Miami Lakes, IRG Corporation is the right solution for you!

– Downtown Miami: Here in IRG Corporation we often hear things like: “I need to sell my home ASAP” or “I need to buy a home right now!”, and most of the time their highest suggested area is in Downtown Miami or near it! Lucky for them we have tons of houses for sale in Downtown Miami, from the perfect turnkey deals to the deep rehabs! Downtown Miami is one of our favorite areas to work because not only it’s super-hot in the tourist side of things, it’s also as central as it can be and that means there’s tons of traffic for both sellers and buyers, people moving all around and it does tend to have a very low vacancy rate! So if you need to sell your house we got you covered as we are always buying houses in Downtown Miami to eventually go around selling houses to our clients! And as investors, we are always looking for the best investment properties, so you can rest assure that you will find the best investment homes here with us!



And besides of the fact that we buy and sell homes Miami-Dade we also have Hard Money Loans, with the lowest interest rate possible to make your Real estate investment that much easier, or if you are looking to buy your dream house and have been denied a traditional bank loan, our Hard Money Loans become just absolute perfection and will guarantee you the money in less than a day! The best part of it all? You can go by our Office and you can leave with your first steps towards a Hard Money Loan right away!


Hard Money Loans

We have Hard Money Loans, Lines of Credit and Transactional Funding, all of it ready for your Real Estate purchase, with no upfront costs, a free evaluation, closing in 4 days and a low interest rate with an approval timeline of 1 day! You could get a loan anywhere from $75,000 to $5,000,000 in a loan term of 1 to 3 years! And the best part is no extra fees! The Loan to value percentage is of 70-90%!

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We buy homes Miami-Dade County and the process is actually quite easy! You can get a cash offer right now and get started on closing your deal! Go here and fill out the form, send us your address and once we have that we will be checking if it fits out criteria, and in less of a day you will have an answer from us to move forward and a far cash offer, if you accept in a week we will be closing your property! That easy and that quick! Go by our office to get the details or simply contact us here!

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We sell homes Miami-Dade County, and with that we offer you the best opportunity to find the hottest deals that fit your needs at the moment! We have everything from rentals to deep rehab deals that can become part of your Real Estate portfolio if you’re into the business side of things, or find your dream home if you are a homeowner! We have everything and anything you might need, so send your offers now after you check out our latest Investment Deals!

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