Types of Real Estate Clients!

The real estate is a world full of an infinity of people and personalities, so, meet with a host of private customers that can make life impossible or you can make your work live as if it were the best in the world is quite typical . As a real estate agent, you must be prepared to have to serve hundreds of customers who have different lifestyles and different buying motives, increasing the number of responses you may be accustomed to receive.
Keep in mind that customers today are the fundamental basis of any business, because of this, it has become customary to always keep well attended to those who seek you for your services. You have to arm yourself with patience and a lot of tolerance because in the end of accounts without that person your business would not be where it is, for this, here are the most common examples that you can find:

The first-time Buyer:

This will be one of the ones that will teach you the most, because it precisely manages to gather the main characteristics of the other types of clients that we will name. He is able to analyze a lot, take the time necessary to take any step and many times he will not know very well what he wants, which in summary, will be an experience that will happen little by little.

The customer who knows everything:

This will be the one that discusses any dimension or advice you give him, because according to him, he has read everything and knows everything. You have to be very careful with this type of client because you can not be the one to always discuss him, on the contrary, the best way to take him is to take his words and at the same time take him to the best possible decision.

The client who does not listen to you:

Particularly this client usually seems harmless, but, many contracts or businesses have fallen precisely because they ignore your criteria and do what they think is convenient. One of the ways to avoid this is always to be aware of their movements, although this is already at your discretion.

The client that analyzes everything:

Here you must arm yourself with patience because this type of client is able to read the contract from head to toe, even if it takes several days to just do that. Although it seems annoying many times these clients are the best decisions, yes, there are exceptions always.

The customer who always dribbles:

Any price that is presented will always find him excessive, so he will always look for ways to lower that price at his convenience or to what he believes is the right price.

The customer who thinks he is wasting time:

Everything must be done according to his speed, everything has to be fast, everything has to be resolved as soon as possible or else, you will be doing the wrong job. You must be careful and let him know that sometimes times are not in his hands.

Even though these are just a small sample of what you can find most clients are under these profiles. The important thing about all this is that you should always be aware of the movements of the market and how customers are making decisions throughout your career. Your clients are the reflection of your way of working and the way you treat them added to how you solve your unknowns will result in a round business

Important Quote

“Patience is the acceptance that things can happen in a different order from what you had in your mind.”

David G. Allen.
Consultant and productivity instructor.

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