TLC: Tender Loving Care… is it true?!

TLC: Tender Loving Care… is it true?!

If you’ve been anywhere in the Real Estate world, you have seen the acronym TLC pop up every once in a while; TLC is a term most realtors use to refer to a property that needs some work done to it, just a little bit of TLC, which stands for Tender Loving Care, which when you think about it sounds lovely and cute and you can picture someone just watering the garden and giving it a fresh coat of paint as the house looks beautiful in a suburban house, but is it true? We’ll find out.

Whenever you see a listing of a property, most of the time its viewed from the front of the house, you see it and its surroundings and it looks cute, it doesn’t look perfect by any means and you can’t really see any damages, so you think oh, easy then! But here’s the thing, it’s not until you’ve seen the inside of the property that you can see that is not easy at all!

TLC has been used as a term to sometimes diminish the amount of work that a house needs, but experience has told everyone that it’s not the truth at all and to stir away from those deals as they will require far too much work and money for it to actually work! But here’s the thing, more often than not, some of the houses can become quite the good deal, but that terminology can be moving them away, as they go from past experiences!

As to with everything in life, use your terminology with the purpose in which it was intended and be honest about what you are marketing! Some houses need TLC, some need major rehabbing, and sometimes finding the place in which those two meet for a good deal can be really, really hard! If you want some help finding that perfect spot, click here to our blog post all about Good Investments!

Anyways, don’t make it harder on your clients and let them know exactly what’s going on with those deals! Now, I’m not telling you to stop using it! We actually use it in some of our listings, but be honest with whatever else might be going on with it, so they’re prepared and ready to take up on the challenge!

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