The Real Estate Myths!


Opening a path within the real estate market depends on certain parameters that are always there for good or for bad, and working with them is the best way to have the success you want, but all these processes have been created around a kind of mysticism over the years which has made all those who are outside believe that certain things work in a particular way.Myths are part of the human being, throughout our history we have found beliefs that may or may not be true that are part of each day of each of us. The real estate does not escape from that and it is common to have ideas that by the time you know well what is being talked about, it is understood that this is not really the case. So here we leave some of the most common myths within real estate:

The money comes easy and fast:

One of the first myths that existed in the real estate was that you became millionaire in an almost magical way, but, the reality is totally opposite to what is believed. This work requires a lot of effort and dedication to be able to obtain the benefits of those who talk so much.

Obtaining customers is a piece of cake:

You can think that there will always be someone buying a house and someone selling it, creating potential customers everywhere. The flow of customers will always be variable and you will rarely have a job after another the first years, but from here you must create your brand so that you can reach as many as you can.

There is only one way to start:

Everyone believes that the only way to start real estate is having a lot of money, but there are a lot of basic or advanced strategies to invest in which you do not need too much money or too much knowledge to achieve your assignment.

The agents have a salary like all:

This is one of the points where there is less knowledge, since the agents do not earn a common salary that is paid every certain time, on the contrary, they earn through commissions which are only paid to them. gives when a successful business is achieved. Even, many of the expenses that are seen are 100% paid by the agent.

The location is everything:

No, at all, the location is not the only point that must be taken into account to value a property, that is just the tip of the iceberg. To really make a consistent assessment you must have several points such as comparables, locations or distribution that at the end will tell you what is the most real market price.

Believe or not believe depends on how much you know about the elements that make up this work, so, research and constant approach to the market will clear all those doubts that arise at the moment you have to make some kind of real estate movement.

important phrase:

“The truths are easy to understand once discovered, the detail is in discovering them”.

Galileo Galileo.
Astronomer, philosopher, engineer, mathematician and Italian physicist.

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