The 5 most famous people in the world who have houses in South Florida.

We all know that Florida is one of the most privileged places in terms of location and charm, always positioned among the best states to live thanks to its natural beauty, its constant infrastructure growth and the benefits that the simple fact of inhabiting this site brings. beautiful.

All this is known by celebrities who without thinking twice have acquired properties that nowhere else can you find reassessing South Florida and thus giving another attraction. There are several artists of different types who have been born or have lived in this place and here we leave a small list of some of them so you can know a bit of where they live:

Ariana Grande:

One of the biggest pop stars of recent times has her property in the area of ​​Boca Mouse, this without forgetting the fact that she is native to this area placing her as one of the representatives of the state worldwide. There is talk of a house that has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms in which you can see a swimming pool, a movie theater and other amenities that anyone would like to have.

Lebron James:

One of the biggest superstars in American basketball champion with the Miami team has one of the most beautiful houses in the Miami area, making clear the good taste that it has. It is said that the property has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, an immense kitchen, guest house and even private theater.

Jennifer Lopez:

The famous singer owns an immense property in the Miami beach area which has personalized features such as 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, exotic gardens, vaulted ceilings, own pool and a pier which allows you to go to the beach.

Ricky Martin:

One of the artists who most shows his love for Florida and who is seen long in the area has two houses; one located in Biscayne Bay and the other in the Golden beach area. Both properties have a large number of rooms and bathrooms added to the pools, private beach and different improvements made to your liking.

Floyd Mayweather:

One of the most eccentric and most attention-grabbing people lately also chose Florida, specifically Miami Beach, as the place to have a house that breaks with the general style betting on modernity. It is said that it has 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms betting a little on minimalism and technology.

Whether you are a famous person or someone who just wants to enjoy life in South Florida you should know that you will always find something that will attract your attention because if something has this place it is a capacity to awaken the interest of both strangers and others. way to be one of the best places you can choose to live.

important phrase:

“Only those who dare to suffer great failures are able to achieve great successes.”

Will Smith.

American actor, producer, comedian, rapper and composer.

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