Tips to Training your Employees

The work of real estate agents is full of tasks that often are not learned in an academy, on the contrary, it must be in the field where certain aptitudes and attitudes are known that will tan you as a professional, this doesn’t mean that your as a leader you spend time teaching your employees with … Continued

How to Build the best Real Estate Team?

At some point in the structuring of your business you will understand that you need people to work with you in order to increase the productivity of work and also you can obtain a greater range of scope when looking for potential prospects or develop strategies to locate potential customers for your service . It … Continued

Real Estate Bubble 2019

Since 2008 there is a very controversial issue that every year appears in the mouth of market experts and is the so famous and at the same time fateful real estate bubble to which all involved within have some fear because in recent months It has been appearing in different blogs as a short-term possibility. … Continued

Experience Vs Strategies !

In any work environment there are topics full of controversy because many of those who make up this area are placed at either end looking to create some kind of distance between those who work in the area they work and what they think they are, creating a kind of separation between professionals that should … Continued

Effective meeting strategies.

We all know that the first moment in which two people who are going to work together for the first time know each other can draw many conclusions, that although sometimes they are hurried, they say a lot about how the development of the employment relationship that is about to be presented will be . … Continued

How to improve your reputation in the real estate!

The quality of your service will always be determined by the way you work and the effort you put into everything you do, that’s why reputation is so important in the business world because there is nothing better that can reflect what your brand or your name means that everything you project towards your clients … Continued

Veterans Day!

At the moment that the work of so many brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to the security of their nation is celebrated, it is important to have a place where you can feel the peace that soldiers have been looking for so much every day They sacrificed years of their lives … Continued