How to Attract new Home Buyers?

A new season makes its way into the real estate market, the competition is more aggressive due to the large number of professionals that have been integrated in recent months and this is the main indicative Care above the majority. It is surprising how certain strategies endure over time despite the constant changes that have … Continued


Sharing is one of the values ​​that most roots the human being has throughout its history and this can be seen from the first populations of human beings where union and collaboration were a vital part of the survival of the species, not in vain , nowadays it is known that we are social beings … Continued

Diferencias entre tener Exito y Fracasar en Real estate.

El éxito es un tema que constantemente se toca en cualquier ámbito laboral, y si nos vamos directamente al real estate, mucha de la mística y prestigio que tiene se debe a esos casos de éxito en los cuales una persona con su dedicación y firmeza fue capaz de alcanzar el punto donde se encuentra … Continued

Tips for Buying Property online.

The purchase of a property must go through a certain number of stages before being able to specify and these elements become more critical when we talk about buying an online property because only in this way the person can ensure that he has complied with all the parameters established for to be able to … Continued

Inventory Goes down and prices go up!

Because of how things have been moving continuously within the real estate market, the projections have stopped surprising showing continuous trends in which the inventory of listed properties falls and the price of the few houses that there are rising without appearing to have any type of top being this negative for all those first-time … Continued

Sabias que los Huracanes Afectan El Mercado Inmobiliario?

Luego de la creciente aparición de huracanes y tormentas tropicales golpeando las costas del país lo más probable es que te estés preguntando cuál será el efecto a mediano y a largo plazo de la temporada de huracanes en el mercado del real estate; la respuesta a esto puede sorprenderte más de lo que crees … Continued