📣How to Build an Investor Network 🤝

📣How to Build an Investor Network 🤝 The universe of investment within real estate has represented over the years a niche in which a large number of people managed to find the space indicated to use their money and obtain great profits over time forming an area for business that little by little is growing. Beyond … Continued

What you should do before listing your house?

What you should do before listing your house to sell. Selling a house can be one of the situations you least want when you are an owner, however, there are times when it is absolutely necessary to have to think about selling and the only way to succeed doing it is to try to follow the … Continued

Alerts when looking for Real Estate Data

Alerts when looking for real estate data. One of the tasks with greater importance and which in turn requires a considerable amount of time is to do the research before or after being hired by a client because at this point of your work the search for relevant and comparable data is necessary they become the base … Continued

Strategies to invest in real estate for the first time!

Strategies to invest in real estate for the first time. Despite the fact that information on the real estate market is everywhere not everyone has the time to enter or don’t have the willingness to know the simplest ways to use their money to obtain a certain benefit, because of this is that so many people stop at … Continued

✔Tips to generate leads in 2019👌

The generation of the internet has brought any number of new strategies and tools for the business world, not for nothing, today we are in a time where marketing and advertising are an important part of the structure of a business providing certain benefits about those who have stayed in time. The attraction of potential … Continued

Advantages of Living in a Condo

Choose a type of property to buy can become a situation that can take time, especially when there are so many different options that can meet the necessary amenities to become the right place for you . Condominiums represent the union of two of the ways of living that have more weight in the real … Continued

Is a mortgage the best option for you?

When buying a property, people usually struggle between the two most basic payment options: in cash or through a loan; However, when it comes to this moment, it must already be quite clear what the indicated option might be because evidently each one has a preparation and an important previous preparation. You might think that getting a … Continued

Tips to Training your Employees

The work of real estate agents is full of tasks that often are not learned in an academy, on the contrary, it must be in the field where certain aptitudes and attitudes are known that will tan you as a professional, this doesn’t mean that your as a leader you spend time teaching your employees with … Continued

Tips to Start your own Real Estate Business🏡

Within the real estate market the figure of the business, the corporation or the company has always been the place to which everyone wants to arrive and in most of the occasions who begins to perform tasks related to this work have as an elemental goal the to be able to build your own business from … Continued