What you should do before listing your house?

What you should do before listing your house to sell. Selling a house can be one of the situations you least want when you are an owner, however, there are times when it is absolutely necessary to have to think about selling and the only way to succeed doing it is to try to follow the … Continued

Tips for Tenants!👩👨

The life of the tenant may seem unglamorous and full of complications because it seems that you don’t have total freedom as you think you have when you own, but, what others don’t know is that many times this lifestyle is enough flexible enough to allow you to be well and without any problem; as … Continued

How to Attract new Home Buyers?

A new season makes its way into the real estate market, the competition is more aggressive due to the large number of professionals that have been integrated in recent months and this is the main indicative Care above the majority. It is surprising how certain strategies endure over time despite the constant changes that have … Continued

Black Friday in Real Estate!

Probably you have ever wondered if there is a black Friday for the real estate and you have imagined a good amount of offers for those buyers who are looking for round businesses where you do not spend too much money but you can find a property good enough to create a home or make … Continued

Mi video tour es genial ! 5 tips que haran de tu video tour el mejor .

Hoy en dĂ­a es bastante comĂşn estar rodeado de telĂ©fonos inteligentes capaces de tomar fotografĂ­as de gran calidad permitiendo ser utilizados como herramientas básicas para poder publicitar una propiedad, pero, la grabaciĂłn de un video tour puede ser el elemento que hace falta para completar una experiencia totalmente diferente a la hora de buscar propiedades … Continued

Details that can increase your property value!

There are many ways to know the real value of a property within the market which depend on certain variables that should always be known, such as comparables, additional comforts, tailor-made designs or the neighborhood in which the house is located. is evaluating giving in this way an idea of ​​what it would be worth. … Continued

Perfect Rental list

The search processes within the real estate can be quite different depending on who you ask, but there are essential points in which all converge when establishing parameters to find just what you are looking for. Points such as the site where the property is located, the information provided, basic details that help you decide … Continued

How much salary do you need to buy a house in south Florida.

The ability that an average person can have to buy a house in South Florida is subject to certain parameters that are clearly differentiated throughout the state due to job opportunities, income according to your work and what is the ability to save or pay debts that each individual has. According to statistics from banks … Continued

The Housing Market !

Real estate has always been characterized by being a market absolutely marked by the constant movements that occur there bringing consequences such as the slowdown in the flow of sales that directly affect the people involved in any type of transaction that takes place here. throughout the year. The negotiations that take place in the … Continued