Los Mitos mas Comunes sobre las Rentas.

Seguramente en algún punto de tu vida has considerado alquilar una propiedad y muy en el fondo de tu cabeza una voz te ha dado un montón de razones para que no lo hagas porque posiblemente podría ser una decisión equivocada para ti, pero, esto se debe a la gran cantidad de mitos que han … Continued

Mortgage mistakes that can not be made.

Mortgages year after year have been gaining great importance in the real estate market because it has helped all those buyers who want to acquire a property and do not have enough money to do so; Of course, it turns out to be a debt that must be paid after a certain time, but, it … Continued

Are you a new investor? Be careful with this errors!

The investment in real estate should be one of the best ways to use your money in the market, but in order to have the benefits that this can give you, great care must be taken to avoid committing the typical mistakes that investors make to the market. time to take your first steps taking … Continued