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Experience Vs Strategies !

In any work environment there are topics full of controversy because many of those who make up this area are placed at either end looking to create some kind of distance between those who work in the area they work and what they think they are, creating a kind of separation between professionals that should […]

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Important Terms to Know of an AS IS Contract!

A contract, in its most basic definition, is a written agreement in which two parties are involved that exchange something of value, that in the case of the real estate, that of value turns out to be a house that will be bought or sold. Maybe not all stop to read what a contract says […]

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What is an AS IS sale?

The term as is represents a sale in which the property is sold in the current condition which makes it clear that the owner will not make any change or any repair for more than necessary. This type of house can represent an investment opportunity with great potential for some or a warning for others, […]

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