Summer selling! [#IRGChat]

Summer selling
It’s our 10th IRGChat so far! And it couldn’t have been a better topic! Summer selling is going back to our roots and discussing everything we have experienced while selling Real Estate throughout the summer in South Florida, which surprise! It’s not that easy but it’s absolutely amazing! There is no better season to be working on this field, as there’s work coming from every corner! But let’s go to the questions and answers we had for this week’s chat!

Q1: What is your best strategy to sell during the summer season?

A1: Talking about School Districts to my clients! especially if they have kids! This is the season in which tons of families will look into relocating and finding a better area for their new home, and one of the best ways I’ve found to attract those clients is talking to them about the school district! It’s amazing and it lets them see a brighter future right there for their kids! It’s one of my favorites, TBH!

Q2: What type of marketing do you use the most during summer?

A2: I like to use digital marketing! Growing the Social Media aspect of it any business can be helpful nowadays, as people will most likely spend hours upon hours a day on their phone checking for new content to be put up into their social media fees, and this is honestly one of the best things to have, so I like to explore more and more things to do with it every summer as it is the perfect time for an agent to stand out from the rest!

Q3: What areas of South Florida do you think are best to sell on this summer?

A3: The best areas are obviously closer to the beach! I particularly like Delray Beach and Pompano Beach! Although if you’d like a more in depth information about our favorite South Florida areas to invest in we have another IRGChat all about it which you can check here, and a blogpost about the best places to invest in South Florida here!

Q4: What kind of clients do you think are best to work with during the summer?

A4: I love working with new comers! Those who just now are moving into Florida are the most fun in my opinion! Because they are willing to take a risk and see everything you show them, and once they have settled down with you as their agent they will continue working with you, and they will have the most questions! Which is amazing and a little challenging!

Q5: Do you think prices on Real Estate would go higher this season?

A5: Probably! There is a ton more competition in the field right now, so that could mean there’s more demand but less properties to sell, which can mean there will be an increase on the prices, as well as it can mean the absolute opposite! I guess we just have to keep our eyes peeled to see what we find!

Q6: What are the biggest challenges you’re ready to face during this season?

A6: Competitive agents! I’m ready to the amount of competition happening in the field this season! It’s a challenge within itself to be working the field during this season, so I’m absolutely ready to take it in and work my absolute hardest to get more clients and keep my other ones as happy as possible!

I hope you found this one as helpful as it was for us to read the answers we got from it! If you want to be a part of our future one, go over to our twitter account and follow us there! And if this wasn’t enough content about Summer Selling, check out our podcast right now, it’s filled with helpful information about real estate, business, marketing and more!

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Remember this Thursday we have another IRGChat on our Twitter account, it’s about the Best Places to Buy on South Florida, hope to see you there, at 2pm (EST)!

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