Summer is the time to rent!

Summer is the time to rent!

Now, hear me out: Summer is the time to rent!

I know you might think, what?! Renting?! People are moving all over the place, so why renting?! Here’s the thing, while yes, flipping is a great idea for the summer as people are moving in and out of places, but renting is the best idea for summer especially if you are in South Florida or a beachy type of town!

You might not get long term tenants but you will get a good cashflow for the whole summer season and that will attract more people to your properties as there will be more movement and activity, so here’s an idea that you will be using and cashing in with, holding and renting during the summer time and flipping or selling during the fall, now why?! Because in the fall there’s movement but not as much as there was during the summer but there will be less properties in the market as well! So that will be a great time for you to have a good deal and make some good profit, while also building in profit from your renting time!

This is big in a beach town, and as South Florida has tons of beaches around so this is an absolutely good idea! And because you will be having many tenants during this season you will create new relationships with tons of clients, who might in the future want to move and would want to work with you again, so this is a good time for you to try yourself out with land lording as well as to network with potential buyers!

I would recommend for you to look into the way the market shifts during the seasons, because that way you will be a 100% prepared and have enough properties ready for it to always be on top of your game when it comes to selling, renting and investing!

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