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Summer Buying - IRGChat

This week’s IRGChat was all about Summer Buying!  A great topic to have as the season has just begun! During it I’ve shared some insight that will hopefully help you out to create the best amount of profit during summer, which obviously everyone wants! So check up the answers I gave and remember you can be a part of the next one as well, this Thursday at 2 pm (EST)

Q1: In what kind of investment would you prefer to work on during the Summer Time?

A1: Rentals and flips are great for this season, I think better than any other! It’s a time where everyone who has been thinking about living in South Florida visit for an extended period of time, sometimes it only lasts the whole summer but sometimes they want to stay, so it’s perfect for long term invest as a rental or a flip!

Q2: What is your favorite Real Estate perk during summer?

 A2: The craziness that goes on summer! People everywhere trying to get a house! The best perk is tons of work and so much more movement on the market! It can create a more competitive time but it also means everyone gets ton of work coming their way!

Q3: Why do you think summer is the best time to invest on Real Estate?

A3: Because everyone wants to take advantage of the weather, so they’re looking to move in here! I think that’s the best part of Florida in general, because everyone looks into this state to have a good weather all year around and it’s obviously cheaper than some cities, so it’s great for them to come here to retire or to start a family or business!

Q4: What is the most important thing you look for in a property summer time?

A4: I look for something close to everything! The closer to key places, like beaches, downtown, shopping and diners, the better, because it’s what people focus on, and it can increase your profit so much more than anything else might, so look for something along those lines to have a more interesting deal!

Q5: What kind of deals do you think are best for summer?

A5: The best deals in my opinion are in condo buildings! You find really cheap well located condos! Like whether you invest on the whole building or a single condo, this is one of the smartest summer investments because you can rent them to tourists and cash in with their summer vacations!

I hope you found that as helpful as possible! You can RVSP here (pon el link del evento) for our next IRGChat all about Summer Selling, in which I will be sharing some tips to sell to investors as well as end buyers, so keep your eyes peeled and your answers ready to this week, on Thursday at 2pm (EST) as per usual, on our twitter account!


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