Should you accept a tenant with pets?

Should you accept a tenant with pets?


Should you accept a tenant with pets? For many landlords, a tenant with pets is a complete disaster and a big red flag! But when the moment comes and you need a tenant on your property because a vacant property is losing money, you should open your options to find a tenant that fits your needs, and that includes allowing tenants with pets into your property.

The application process is the one where you need to evaluate what kind of pets they have, and how they have them, and if they are trained or not! And then decide if it’s worth to let the tenant stay in the property or not! Of course, you can ask for a deposit in advance for the damage the pets might cause, but you should also have a clause in the lease contract in which you state that any damages caused by the animal will be paid by the tenants!

So here are some things to keep in mind if you have an applicant that has pets and if you should accept them or not!

-Is it neutered?!

If the answer is a dog, then ask about the size, whether is a female or a male, and if either way they have been neutered, now those questions might seem typical, but they are key to everything, because a neutered dog, whether female or male will cause tons less damage in the property, as they will be less likely to have any bodily discharges that might stain the property and obviously it will decrease the chances of it catching some hard to get off smells! In the other hand, a cat can be a bit risky if it’s not neutered it can create some really bad smells as their hormone smells are far more intense than dogs!

-How big is it?

If the pet is too big then it might bring some issues as big animals naturally need more space and might get anxious and damage the place with scratching on the floor, walls or doors! So do check the pet before you accept the tenant and avoid any confrontation!

-Is it clean?

This applies to the tenant’s care for the pet as well as the pet itself! Check how often they wash the pet and where exactly does it go to the toilet! If it’s a dog how frequently and if they have been trained and if it is a cat, how often is the litter changed! Furthermore, ask for a full disclosure on their vet records to see how often they have been ill, what sickness they might have encountered and more importantly if they have their vaccines up to date!

These should be your top priorities whenever finding a tenant with a pet, so do keep them in mind and let us know how your experience with it goes! If you want more information on Real Estate go to our social media and follow us there and let us know your thoughts on it!

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