Five Helpful Tips for Selling a Home with Children

Five Helpful Tips for Staging and Selling a Home with Children

selling home with children

Do you aspire some life change?  Do you need to sell your house? Do you have kids living inside? Here are five helpful tips for you to manage selling a home with children inside.

1. Prepare the home before it goes on the market

Give yourself four to seven days (Depending on the size of the property and number of rooms) to clear clutter from the house, go room by room cleaning one for one, each for a whole day to keep it manageable, and try to stage the rooms as pretty as possible, needless to say, we don’t recommend taking the house pictures with the children inside the room.

2. Keep them quiet during the visit.

Needless to say that the house should look immaculate during the days of the first visit. Open your curtains to let in the light and fresh air reach every corner. And ask your children, to be very quiet so the attention Doesn’t fall on them at any time. A bag of treats will entertain them and keep them with their mouth full. do not tell them, nor scold them so be quiet, as this will just make things worse. just try that they stay distracted and nothing bad will happen.

3. Make the most of the space.

When selling a home with children the first impression of  the home buyers will depend largely on the space. Clear the room and put away toys and furniture, this will help to enhance the wide areas, of course, children should not go to the house tour, so you shouldn’t lock them in the closet when buyers are visiting the room, so you must keep them in the dining room or entrance or even in the front yard, buyers will picture their children or future offspring playing in those areas.

4. Be sincere.

Trust is the basis of any successful business transaction. and, more importantly, if you are selling a home and your children may appear in the middle of the showing. If the potential buyer gets surprised about a mess your kid did in one of the room, that most likely will give him/her a bad impression. In the description of the property you should be truthful, use expressions like “Showing home, 2 baths and 3 beds  some occupied by children, in the showing let’s try to disturb them at least as possible” with expressions like these You have indicated how many rooms has the property and that you are selling a home with children in it occupying two of the three rooms, so it is not a surprise for the buyer to find a mess inside some rooms.

5. Keep the kids involved!

staging and selling your house can be a satisfying task, especially with the help of your children, include them then! ask their opinion on how things look, make them feel that they are doing something important, like carrying tools or toys, make them believe they are in a construction zone and play the pretend game with them while cleaning the room, set up goals and if they get these goals accomplished reward them with an ice cream or a trip to Mc.Donald’s. selling a home with children is not a horrible and time wasting task, it can be a playful activity if the whole family is involved.

Selling a home with children inside can be an exhausting activity but it also means that you have more tiny hands to help you out in the process… and when it is all done it is time to move out. this can be stressful for older children but they adapt quickly to new environments so it won’t be a problem in within a few weeks… the only thing that you must not forget is no matter where you are moving to, or what kind  activity are you doing as long as you do it with your family by your side.

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