Saving energy = saving money!

Saving energy = saving money

Saving energy = saving money. It’s not a secret that there are some environmental benefits to saving energy in your home, but there’s also a money saving aspect to it, which is why everyone who owns a home or pays the electricity bills of it, needs to pay attention to how much energy its being consumed throughout the house and learn how to prevent it from going overboard, now you may be asking, how does saving energy = saving money? Here are some tips on how to do it!


Use the air con in your house with a conscious mind! You need to pay attention to the weather and temperature that’s happening outside to know exactly around what temperature to keep your house on! The DOE recommends for it to be around 74 degrees for it to save enough energy and be comfortable with it! Now another tip would be to have it off as much as possible and to use your ceiling fans correctly! Put it in a counter-clockwise during the hot days and it will pull the hot air towards the ceiling, making the living space a lot cooler!  It’s not good to always have your air con on and if you can get away with having it off you will be saving energy and saving money!

-Energy Efficient Appliances!

This is absolutely the most important part of saving energy and money! Search for energy efficient appliances like washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, dishwasher, amongst many others! They will do the saving themselves but you have to also make sure you’re not overusing them because then you will be spending just as much energy as you would with other kind of appliances! While those do the work for you, keep in mind that other appliances might be spending energy even when they are turned off, like TVs, stereos, DVD players and kitchen appliances! So if possible unplug them completely or use the surge suppressor to do so when you’re not using them! Also replace your light bulbs for energy efficient fluorescent ones, which use around two-thirds less energy than the standard!

-Check Your Surroundings!

There are tons of things to do in your home that can help you out when trying to save energy and money, but the most important one is to seal and insulate your home! Now, if you don’t know what that means, insulation in a building are some materials that can help you save energy in your home, therefore saving money, so make sure those are properly done in your home! Other thing you can do is change and empty your filters! On the air con, on the furnace, on the dryer, basically everything that has a filter that can fill in and block them from working properly, this is the best tip you can have!

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