How to refresh your branding for summer! [#IRGChat]

How to refresh your branding for summer!

It’s summer, as you may know, and the turning of the seasons can become a great opportunity to make your marketing and branding strategies a bit different, but should you refresh your online presence with the season?! This is the topic in which we talked about in this week’s IRGChat How to refresh your branding for summer! It’s something we wanted to shed a light on as we have done it this season! If you want to be involved in next week’s one, do so by following on our twitter account and we shall see you next Thursday at 2pm (EST)!

Q1: Do you have the budget and time to refresh your brand?

A1: When we decided to do a refreshment, this was our main concern, so we focused on small changes in free pages! The thing is, that with anything regarding on marketing, it takes time for it to work properly, because it’s not only the posting of the images, it’s the content creation process that takes the longest! So definitely if you are jumping into this bandwagon, think and check your schedule to see if it’s something that might work for you!

Q2: How have your goals changed?

A2: Our goals have changed quite a bit, now we are more into the growing and expanding goal! Our goals before were more of making a presence and being known for our content as well as our company, and although this is a permanent goal it’s not the only one! Our goals have changed and expanded with this new set of strategies!

Q3: What is the most important thing you think you should do during the refreshment?

A3: Be consistent! If you’re going to do it, stick to it and see it through for best results! It’s a pretty scary thing to see people adjusting to your new content, and sometimes we wanted out because it wasn’t having the same result as before, although we continued doing it and now we are seeing the good side of the coin! So keep going if you’re sure it will work in the end!

Q4: Why do you think a refreshment of your brand is needed for the season?

A4: It depends on the brand itself, but for us, it was a bit overdue so we took advantage of the season! We wanted to do this for a while and it was only a matter of time we did it, we literally saw an opportunity and took it!

Q5: How can you maintain your brand presence during the refreshment?

A5: Use specific things you did before, like the color scheme, or the way the content is worded! For us this was the hardest part, because we had an specific branding we really enjoyed, but thought it was getting a bit old, I would recommend you pick up the things you liked from your previous one and adapt it to a better one!

Q6: What should the main change during the refreshment be?

A6: It should be noticeable! So alter the way you post things, direct them towards each platform and make it interesting! We separated content per social media platform and adapted our formats to each one of them, it’s a bit more work but it has worked perfectly!

Q7: What new strategies or media should you look into for a summer refreshment?

A7: Our new strategy was towards growth, so we started a podcast and created more interactive content! We went into different types of content to have a far greater connection and actually see what our followers were enjoying from us!

Q8: What results should you expect from it?

A8: It can bring so much more attraction to your brand! New people can be interested in it, therefore, growth is the result! So the goals we had are being met with the results, which is what in any kind of change you make to your brand, should be expected!
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