Real Estate vs Social Media?!

Real Estate vs Social Media?!

As we all know, social media has been taking up everything and anything as a way to share information, news, stories and most importantly publicity; but here’s the thing, has Real Estate as an industry grown alongside the new ways of communication? There’s sometimes a stigma that can be thought as Real Estate vs Social Media, and while most of the successful Real Estate agencies use their social media platforms to share and advertise their services, ideas and tips on success on the field, they haven’t really catch up completely to the new ways of technology, so here’s a few ways you can catch up and stop fighting the change, and join this new era!


This sounds easy to everyone, but it is actually one of the hardest parts, engaging with the audience or community you have work so hard to obtain can sometimes become very difficult to do, but here’s an easy tip: be constant! Make sure you have a good enough presence in their social media life every single day, whether is simply liking a photo or commenting on it, as long as they get that notification from you they’ll be reminded of your page and most likely come back! It will also make your company seem accessible to them and feel free to ask you questions or offer you business!

-Social Media all day, every day!

Try to update your accounts as often as possible! Consider checking statistics online about the times where those platforms are the most active and use that to your advantage! Some of them need more attention like Twitter, because they are quick and always in constant movement, others like Instagram and Facebook you can update less but you need to have the content’s quality to be far greater as they are more static and people tend to look through them! Have a presence every day and you’ll see the results in numbers!


Whenever you read the word advertise you tend to think oh, I have to pay for it! But that couldn’t be further from the truth! While, yes, there are options in each one of that require payment, you can advertise everything else pretty much for free! Use your social media as an outlet for everything you do, you can create images, videos, blogposts, gifs, everything you have in hand and use it to promote your listings, your company’s belief and everything else you dedicate yourself into this business! There’s not going to be a Social Media vs Real Estate anymore, as this way of advertisement is 1) cheaper and 2) easier to do! For example, we use our social media to promote things like our listing of properties (which you can find our current one here), to promote our blogposts and give you tons of information that will serve us as indirect advertisement and reflect in our values as a company!

-Sharing is caring!

As I’ve told you before, use it every day, and engage with others! But use your page to also promote other Real Estate agents using the page, use their content as a way to direct your followers towards the information and also create a good relationship with those who have it primarily! This will promote your account as well as create a better relationship with your online colleagues, who in a moment will most likely do the same with your content and it will create a chain reaction! So share information that you find interesting of others and see how it helps you and them grow!

Is there a need for Real Estate not to be dominating their Social media networking? Absolutely not! We have the tools and can create the content other people might find interesting, so start up making changes and research as much as possible around this topic! The fun thing of Real Estate IN Social Media is how people interchange their information creating a sense of community willing to give their communities valuable resources for their success! So let’s keep going and creating a far better place for future agents!

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