Property for sale: where to find it and how to buy it

Property for sale:

A guide to find it and buy it.Searching Property For sale icon

If you are Looking for a Property for sale to live in Your main goal is to find properties that meet your personal and financial criteria, like:  size, location, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and other specific characteristics, if you are a landlord or want to be one you will have to change your buying criteria and add or remove some characteristics.

Now  you must be asking, what specific thing am I looking for? How can I start? Here is when we get in! We are happy to help you find your ideal property by giving you advice of how to proceed, after all, we have years of experience looking for properties for sale and, hundreds of bought and sold properties in our records!

So, finally, here are some tips and tricks for you to Find and buy a Property for sale

Know your credit

This is the first step maybe the most important: watch your credit!. Study and scan your credit records and check that all the information in your credit history is real and right.

The very first action to take is to find out what your credit is and what is and has being reported about your credit, this will give you time to deal with any credit history error that comes up suddenly on your report or improve your credit rate While you prepare to purchase a property for sale.


Determine a budget and the payments you can afford and stick to the plan

Make sure you know which property for sale fits on your budget and stay in full control of your money, Remember; it’s not just about the mortgage payments. Also take as important all your taxes and the property’s and all insurance payments.

Be realistic about costs.

moneybox property for sale real estate


No matter how much money you make monthly, never shop for a property that will swallow most of your income each month. Remember, buying a home means paying for mortgage, insurance, maintenance, real estate taxes and lots of other payments, and, one of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is that they don’t leave themselves with enough money; it is an important step to memorize and being careful.


Look at Hundreds of houses for sale!

You’re not shopping for a headache medicine, you’re going to be pretty much attached to this property, whether you are going to live in or you are going to make an investment in housing, you should take a long time to think your decision.

When looking for a Property For sale, the most important thing to ask yourself, is:

Do I really love this house? Or in the case of investing, is this property going to make me earn money?

One way to do it is to look at least 60 properties for sale a week by receiving a list of properties

In the commodity of your email feed, Subscribe to  our VIP buyers list and just click your way in to your ideal property.

You’re unlikely to find the house of your dreams right away,

So, unless you find the ideal property for sale right away, give yourself at least three months to find it.  Some extra time tends to raise your possibilities of achievement.  And if you don’t find anything you like after three months, at least you will know that you have tried, and won’t blame yourself for not trying harder, if you can’t find something worthy after three months, then, at that point (and only at that point) you can settle for a merely acceptable property


Make an extensive Research about the local trends on pricings surrounding the property for sale you are willing to buy, and get three or four solid comparable prices on local properties for sale in the same time or a property sold in the last three months, try to be accurate, the more the comparable house is similar to yours, the more realistic is going to be your comparison

Watch or take pictures and write annotations.

After each visit, whether a real or a virtual visit, make annotations of everything you find attractive and good and the things you didn’t like about the Property be as much as specific as you can. You’re going to be looking at many different Properties, and if you don’t take pictures or notes sooner or later you are going to confuse some, remember, human mind has its limits

*Trick: always look for a picture or take one of the addresses of the house, that way you will know for sure which exact property for sale you are looking at.

Talk to experts

If you have made your mind for a specific property for sale, Consider talking to local agents to find out what is the best movement to take, and about what’s happening in the market, Remember, they have experience and years of study on the local real estate, use them to creat  an action plan and strategy that meets your goals and needs.

IRG Corporation has years of experience in the South Florida Real estate if you contact us and  we will help you finding the home that meets your requirements

Don’t judge the superficial things

Never judge a book for its cover! Some superficial details like painting or flooring or some minor damages in a property for sale because Once you bought the property you can add, fix, or do Anything you like to it, always Consider the potential of the property, not its superficial derails and most if you plan to invest in fixing it up.

Location, location, location

Some very Important location Characteristics like schools, demographics, crime, malls, parks and community commodities, influences the price, equity and capital gain of your possible future property so make a research in internet about the zone, also you would like to research if you are in an, avalanche, flood, tornado, hurricane, seismic or plague risk area, check every natural disaster possibility.

*Trick: Check the Department for Education website for lists of schools nearby


A home inspection is the key to understand completely the condition and characteristics of a property for sale; We recommend inspecting twice, or even better three times:  when starting, in the middle of the negotiation days, and the day of closing or the day before closing, that way you can ensure everything is right, and be secure about the investment you are going to make.

Knock on doors.

 property for sale  door

If you are almost sure that you are going to buy that specific house for sale Visit your future neighbors and, explain that you are possibly going to move into the neighborhood, ask them how good or bad the neighborhood is, ask for specific stuff like crime events in the last moths or the frequency of police patrols watching around, feed of their experience! Just don’t knock on a door that has a “NO TRESPASSING, YOU WILL GET SHOOT” sign in the front.

*Trick: Grab a coffee or a meal in your possibly new neighborhood. Act like you already live there and try to get the feel about it.

Inspect again!

Reduce every risk possible! You’re putting a huge quantity of your hard earned money over table. And you won’t want the odds to decide Have it inspected by a professional property inspector while you are under contract.

*Trick: make a final inspection on the exact day of closing to make sure everything stills in the right place, one never knows what can happen overnight.

Finding your ideal Property For sale can be a complicated task. Make sure you follow our list of tips and try to consider every factor, Remember ,whether you are going to live in or invest on it ,you are going to be attached to the property or the investment for a long period of time so, make sure to be wise when is time to buy.

IRG Corporation wishes you a happy house-hunt!

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