Mother Knows Best?!

Mother Knows Best?!

First things first, Happy Mother’s Day to those who taught us everything and anything and everyday continue to help us through life with their never ending love and support! Mothers, a word not many appreciate, however they are the ones who showed how to become the adults we are now, and they’ve educated us through us observing them making out houses into homes. Mother Knows Best!

So it’s a secret to absolutely no one, that moms are literally angels on earth when you need to know how to do certain things life didn’t prepare you for, like how to make that delicious sauce for your Sunday potatoes! But they’re also home experts, and with this article we hope to show what everybody already knows, Mother’s know best!

-Bills, what bills?!

Somehow you never knew when the bills needed to be paid when you lived at home with her! Sometimes it wasn’t even questioned! But now as an adult you’re very much aware they exist, and wonder “How did she do it?!” Well… magic?! No, actually, as some know moms are very organized, and of course, they worked really hard to keep everything paid for on time! And with how hard it can be every now and then, they managed to pay them and keep the house running perfectly!


You know you can be messy; I know I can! Back when I was living with my mom I thought, oh this is only in my room, everywhere else it’s fine, spotless! But here’s the catch, now that I have my own place that’s a 100% not true at all! My house is as messy as my room and keeping up with what I left behind is very annoying! But here’s the thing, I’ve always dreaded when cleaning day came around, me and my mom would clean the house, every corner, every spot, everything and everywhere, and she had an order for it all, first we do this then we do this and then we do that! It wasn’t just about what we did; it was mostly about where things were! “Put the broom over there and bring the sofa back to its spot, also the detergent doesn’t go there!” This kind of order made cleaning faster, easier and methodic! Anyways the point is, now I somehow acquire an order into my house and every time I follow it through I can hear my mom being proud of me and how my room is still such a mess.


Okay, maybe moms aren’t magical, but they might as well be! Keeping the fridge full every week of every month! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do my groceries and everything but come on, I haven’t quite managed to keep it up to date every week! Some weeks all you have left is a lime and some sort of salsa, some weeks you have everything under the sun that can be eaten there, and somehow moms knew how to manage proportions, and always be on top of her game! Some may call that just a regular human, but honestly I call that one of her many super powers!


Yes, your dad might be the one who fixes some stuff, but really, let’s give our moms the credit they deserve! I know my mom has a 6th sense when it came to broken things in the house and how to fix them! Oh, the faucet broke, what should I do? Call my mom! She has the answer! Basically moms are a multitasking power tool that knows everything (even if she doesn’t, she’ll find a way, let’s be real) who deserve as much recognition as possible when it comes to who you are as a homeowner today!
Is your mom anything like mine? If you agree with this please celebrate mother’s day with her, helping her around the house now that you know from experience how devastatingly hard it can be some days! Go, give her some love and share this list with her!
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