Marketing trends to realtors

Marketing trends to realtors.

Digital marketing has become one of the main tools for real estate in the last 5 years due to the facilities it offers for communication and the transmission of information as well as the massiveness it has, allowing you to reach a large number of possible customers.

This year that will start will be marked by the continued growth of these platforms and the unification of certain strategies with the market developing in this way another way to approach a large number of people just by creating an intelligent content and making a click. That’s why, here we leave you the marketing trends to realtors in this 2019 :

  • Creativity will take center stage : This is not just about sending information to people and waiting for magic to happen, on the contrary, in this year creativity and imagination will be a fundamental part of the success of the type of marketing you use. Create new ways to communicate, produce a better way to convey what you are and what your company can give you, dream big.
  • The videos as an alternative : What an image can transmit, a video well done can multiply it by two and this is because the transfer of information and the portability of them is more attractive. Using videos from time to time can help you attract new customers.
  • The study of followers: You know the way that your followers communicate, you have to know what they see, what they say and what time of day most active to know are the timing is ideal for you. You must always be attentive to what surrounds you in order to receive the information you need.
  • The personal brand will be important : Customers should know that behind your digital brand there is a person or a group of people who work to satisfy a need and this can only be achieved by avoiding looking robotic and always being aware of what is being discussed and of what they write to you The management of your community will be one of the points that can attract more people to consume your service.
  • Trust is your goal to follow : Trust is equal to loyalty and loyalty is one of the most important goals for a business in any field that you imagine, because, this is what is projected to those who do not know you. Create an experience, share with your followers and customers, transmit feelings and information, be a person and you will automatically notice the difference.

Knowing how to integrate these projections with your current work methodology could easily open a door of possibilities for your business to increase in diffusion range and thus allow you to grow until reaching places that you thought you were never going to see and today can be more close to what you imagine thanks to the internet .

Important phrase :

Marketing is no longer a matter of what you know how to produce, but of what stories you can tell .

Seth Godin.

IT , philosopher and American marketing expert.

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