Marketing Struggles in Real Estate! [#IRGChat]

Marketing Struggles in Real Estate!

Everyone has them, and they tend to happen on every field! This week’s IRG Chat is all about our Marketing Struggles in Real Estate and how we have handled them! Hopefully it will inspire you to see our troubles and how we have tried and sometimes succeed to overcome them! You can tune in next week on our twitter account to see more of our IRG Chat! Every Thursday at 2PM EST!

Q1: What has been your biggest Marketing Struggle on Real Estate?

A1: Our biggest struggle for the longest time was getting engagement! We are getting better but it’s a hard one, because Real Estate agents are a bit tough around the corners and difficult to engage with on a social media context! So that has been hard, but we’re getting a little bit better bit by bit as they get used to us and we to them!

Q2: How do you manage your on and offline marketing?

A2: We have a few strategies right now! Our online marketing has tons of traffic; we’re working on getting the offline one to that level but the budget can be a tricky one! So we are working towards it to make it perfect fit to our brand but also cost efficient!

Q3: How can you improve your Real Estate Marketing?

A3: It’s all about the Content, so have a good Content Marketing strategy and people will find you worth hearing! It’s important for you to have fresh content that makes you different and necessary for them to read, so even if you think everything has been said and done, you can still make it into your own!

Q4: What do you think is your biggest weakness when it comes to marketing on Real Estate?

A4: We are relatively new to some proper Digital Marketing, and it has taken us a while to catch up because for the longest time we didn’t have a full on plan on how to do this, but right now we are on the right track and working towards it, but yes, that’s our weakness!

Q5: What is the hardest part of doing marketing on Real Estate?

A5: Literally everything! Jokes! It can be a tough market, but getting to know it and find your place in it is the hardest part, because there are some who have been working here for years and years and we are just getting here and working very hard to get recognition!

Q6: How have you handled previous marketing struggles on Real Estate?

A6: Rethink, redo and reschedule! Plans don’t always work out, so this is the best thing to do! Do think about the fact that everything has a solution and it’s a 100% fixable, so don’t overthink it and just work on how to solve the issue and move on with a better strategy!

Q7: What Marketing strategy do you see on your competitors that you would like to adopt?

A7: I like the way Real Estate Agents are marketing their deals! With very creative walk-through videos, some with drones, some with some funky vibe, I just love to see creative minds apply their external knowledge to newer versions of it all! Would love to apply that!

Q8: What do think makes a good Marketing role model on Real Estate?

A8: Someone who knows what they’re doing and loves doing so! I think there’s nothing more inspiring than that, because you can see how passionate they are about their business and how much they work into making it as perfect as they can!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s IRG Chat! Can’t wait to share more insight with you in the future, if you want to be featured here, follow us on twitter and remember this happens every Thursday at 2pm EST!


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