Marketing Campaigns on Real Estate! [#IRGChat]

Marketing Campaigns on Real Estate!


This week has been all about how you use your marketing campaigns on your Real Estate business and how effective they are and have been for us in particular! This subject is super important to anyone going into this business, as they will go through a trial and error period with their content to find ways to reach out the maximum amount of people through these marketing campaigns on Real Estate! If you want to join us again next week, it’s super easy, just follow us on our Twitter account and be in the look out this Thursday at 2PM (EST)!

Q1: What type of Marketing campaign do you think works best for Real Estate?

A1: A content driven campaign will attract you the right amount of leads and turn them into Potential Buyers, because they will be interested into the information you are giving them and want to work with you afterwards! So keep it content based and promote what you do!

Q2: What platforms do you like to use for your Marketing campaigns?

A2: The best Platform we’ve used is Mailchimp for sure! They have been the most successful for us, but you can absolutely try out Facebook Ads or Google Ad system to see what fits your company best!

Q3: What are the tools you use to generate your Marketing campaigns?

A3: For our Real Estate business we love working with OnCarrot, great way to get Leads, and it’s completely Real Estate based, so it makes it easier to reach our target and have the content displayed for them!

Q4: Do you think Paid Ads are needed for a successful campaign?

A4: Yes and no! Depends on what you want for your Real Estate business, if you want organic engagement then no, but if you want to have quick results and get tons of leads, then absolutely, try out with a smaller budget and build up from there!

Q5: How frequently should you have a marketing campaign out?

A5: I particularly think ongoing campaigns are best! Just so your business is always being promoted! If you keep some campaigns running in different ways you will always be promoting your content, no matter if it’s a paid ad or not!

Q6: What type of marketing campaign has worked for your business?

A6: For us, basic promotional campaigns of the services we offer have been working perfectly!  We promote our services and let everyone know how they can work with us, and so far it has worked nicely for us! What about you?!

I hope this was helpful and inspires you to start your very first marketing campaign on Real Estate to grow your online community and promote your business! If you want to join next week, it’s gonna be all about the best marketing tools to use on Real Estate! Remember, this Thursday at 2PM (EST)!


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Alice Dominguez

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