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It is quite common to find certain mistakes when you are an agent or when you represent a client in the world of real estate, nobody escapes because sooner or later you miss some detail that can easily delay or break a negotiation that seemed to have the ingredients for be successful.Among the most common errors is not explaining correctly to your represented in what constitutes a listing agreement that is simply a contract in which a client obtains the services of a real estate agent to find a possible buyer in the property market. This agreement has certain parameters that must be explained with patience and thoroughness since it is important that those involved know all the possible information of what is being signed and what is being done.

Many times clients will want to make their own negotiations or try to find buyers on their own even when they have already hired you and this is where you have to be careful because they can present uncomfortable situations that can directly break the employment relationship that you keep. This contract explicitly obliges the client to pay a commission for the representation services that you give him as an agent and not making this clear is counterproductive for the agent.

The advice we can give them is that they simply seek to create a line of direct connection with their client and they always sit down to talk and read everything that is involved in the negotiation process because only then will everyone have knowledge of what is being done, what is being done. signing and what are the requirements that have to be met to avoid any misunderstanding. That the agent possesses the specific data of the property and knows what the wishes of the client is essential to be able to transmit in a correct way to the buyers what is being looked for.

Avoid encountering situations of this style is easy if you are aware of the possible problems that may appear at the moment that communication is not appropriate, therefore, you should always work in search of finding the balance between customer satisfaction and the benefit of the agent so that in this way the resolution of the problems is effective and productive for all.

important phrase:

“To communicate effectively, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this knowledge as a guide for our communication with others.”.

Tony Robbins.
Author of personal development books and American motivational speaker.

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