Let’s SELL Real Estate this Spring!

Let's SELL Real Estate this Spring!

Spring is one of the best times of the year to sell Real Estate, because is the time where people tend to be willing and able to pay a large amount of money for a long-run profit!

If you’re thinking about going into the selling process of your home or are a realtor you must know that it’s not only the market that goes up this time of the year, so does competition, so how do you plan to make your listing to stand out from others? Here are a couple of easy steps to help you attract the best clients!

1- Aesthetic!

Aesthetic - Let's SELL Real Estate this Spring! IRGCorporation

During spring people tend to be more aware of the surroundings, so if the house looks its best, they’ll be more willing to put their money on it, that includes every single aspect of it! The exterior needs to be pristine, the paint without patches or cracks, the lawn needs to be mowing and the plants need to be alive and colorful! As for the inside, make sure the paint is perfect and it’s as clean as possible, use neutrals for the walls so they can imagine their future home easily!

2- Functional!

Functional - Let's SELL Real Estate this Spring! IRGCorporation

Make sure every aspect of the house is functional! Check the alarms, the fire detector, the light switchs, light bulbs, make sure the doors don’t make weird noises! The least amount of work the next buyer has to do after purchase the better profit you’ll gain in the end!

3- Cleaness!

Cleaness - Let's SELL Real Estate this Spring! IRGCorporation
Clean, clean, clean! Clear out the gutter, clean the bathrooms, the floors and the windows! The cleaner the better! Make sure there’s no clutter anywhere, it can be a major turn off!

4- No leakage!

No leakage - Let's SELL Real Estate this Spring! IRGCorporation
Check the roof for any leaks! If there are some, see if you can fix them, or ask for help! Also, check the faucets in every sink as well as the shower!

Those are some simple steps to follow through when selling your home in Spring! If you want to see more things like this, go over our social media where we’re constantly sharing easy tips to make your Real Estate adventures so much easier!


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Alice Dominguez

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