How Will The Houses Of The Future Be?



We are going through times of change, and we are effectively evolving towards better innovations and technologies, and that does not rule out new inventions of smart homes; these new homes seek to satisfy the desire of their users to live more comfortably, increasing the comfort of people, while they have developed technologies that are integrated into the entire architecture of the house.These are some innovations that are being developed for the new homesmart:

The new “technological dining room”

Operating based on sensors, this will not only be used to serve food, but this technological dining room will also be used for cooking, as it will work through motion sensors.

The kitchen that will recommend “the daily menu”

The Japanese multinational (Panasonic) also foresees that the microwave and steam oven are in a single device and can be controlled from a Tablet; also through the voice command, you can ask, what recipe suggests for the day, and the kitchen will make available the list of suggestions through a screen at the same table.

Mirrors that will guide you how to dress.

There will be no more excuses to leave the house untidy, one of the benefits of having this magic mirror is to detect your face and then recommend the types of products your skin needs for your health care, likewise, will reveal the latest makeup trends,showing it in the reflection of the mirror, and you can even change the color of clothes in the mirror, so that you can come out convinced with what you wear and if that is what you want to wear. In the Panasonic blog we are told that “Mirrors will measure weight, body fat and heart rate. During your resting hours, the device will manage the physical condition of the body during sleep. ”

The new digital key

Lockitron allows you to use your smartphone to open doors.

Security of another level

Jameka Whitten in her Blog In Trulia, she talks about how security is implemented within these “homesmart” and tells us: “For example, a sensor can send an alert to your TV and smartphone when someone rings the doorbell; A window with alerts appears, including a live image of someone at the door if a door camera is installed.”

The new technological advance will not only be to develop homesmart, but also to prioritize strategies specialized in creating, storing and saving energy and thus reduce energy expenditure up to 70% in homes and 20% in common sites. In order to achieve a more “green” and “smart” habitat and thus live an ecological and healthier lifestyle.

IRG Corporation and its real estate broker consider that the style of the future of the houses, will be unique, without prejudices and without paradigmatic structures, and will result in ideal, original and dazzling homes; we are always at the forefront of change, and we believe that innovation is part of our future, if you want a house with new technological trends, we offer houses and property for sale that you can adapt according to your criteria and structure it according to the innovative design that you want, and so you can transform them into the best home automation system.

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun”.
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“I prefer to look to the future and dream, than to look to the past and regret”.
James Van Praagh

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