How to use Twitter to Generate Better Leads on Real Estate! [#IRGChat]

How to use Twitter to Generate Better Leads!

Twitter is by far one of the easiest social media platforms to create great connections and build up a community of people who are more than willing to allow you to grow your business, but do you know how to use twitter to generate better leads? As a Real Estate Group we have been pondering this question for a while, so we decided to do a IRGChat to find some answers and share our experience with it! Do remember we have an IRGChat every Thursday at 2PM (EST) and we absolutely would love for you guys to come over and join in! Now, onto the chat!

Q1: What is your current Lead Generating strategy for Twitter on Real Estate?

A1: This is a funky site, so while the endgame is always to get leads, creating relationships is our strategy! Twitter gives you so many opportunities to meet new people who are in the same area of business as you and share quick windows of insight towards their business, while also amplifying your reach and therefore letting you get new leads, and that’s how you can use twitter to generate better leads, but obviously it’s hard work to keep up!

Q2: What results are you getting with your current Twitter strategy for your Real Estate business?

A2: It’s been working fine so far! Relationships are being built and there’s interest on our properties! Obviously it’s not as powerful as it could be, but that has a reason! We are fairly new to Twitter and a formal strategy with it, so our community is not as large therefore even though there’s tons of engagement it’s not an everyday thing! But here’s the thing, Twitter itself is all about perseverance, and so far we have kept our strategies going which has resulted in a bigger amount of growth!

Q3: How do you present your Real Estate branding on Twitter?

A3: We have settled a voice for twitter that’s a tad different! That’s how we choose to show our branding there! A voice is extremely important in this particular platform because while Instagram is extremely visual and depends tons on the graphics, twitter depends on how you express yourself and use images to support your voice! So on twitter, yes, have a good color scheme and pretty graphics, but also focus on what you say and how you say it! That will show you how to use twitter to generate better leads for Real Estate!

Q4: What other Lead Generating strategies would you like to use on Twitter for your Real Estate business?

A4: At the beginning we were super excited with a Twitter chat, which we did. Right now, we’re pretty focused on it, because it creates a good feedback with people in the same branch of business, so for us sharing some information about our Real Estate business’ experience has been very interesting because we get some feedback from it, which makes it quite an interesting conversation. So if you can participate on our IRGChat or another Twitter Chat, those are the best places to find some of the best engagement with people interested in the same things as you are.

Q5: What is your favorite part of using Twitter for your Real Estate Marketing?

A5: The reach! There’s so many people here looking to create connections, so we love this part of Marketing Real Estate here, because it’s also the perfect place to find amazing people to connect with and you can find so much amazing content there to share and view! It’s just a fun site all around and you can reach people from across the globe and be content with them!

Q6: How are you targeting your Real Estate audience on Twitter?

A6: This site presents a pretty interesting audience in itself, so we have our basic target and create content for them as well as shareable content! The thing with twitter is, you can reach anyone and everyone in all niches, yes, but also you need to define your own target, so for us the Real Estate business related people have been working perfectly! We also like working with people who are in the marketing area, because when you are on Real Estate, marketing is a huge part of what you do as well as just having a business in general!

Q7: What kind of Real Estate content works best for you to get new leads on Twitter?

A7: Blog Posts! They’re the best and easiest to share here and it works wonders to attract people to your website and other Platforms, this works perfectly because while you attract people with content they are more willing to stay on your page and discover about your business and that can lead into them thinking of working with you in your business and that’s a prefect thing to know when you are learning how to use twitter to generate better leads for your Real Estate business!

I hope this chat was helpful and you can join us next week for more! Do remember we have an IRGChat every week on our Twitter, so make sure you are following us and we can’t wait to see what you have to say next Thursday at 2PM (EST).


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Next week it’s gonna be all about generating leads for your Real Estate business on Instagram, can it happen? Is it easy? All of your questions will be answered next Thursday at 2PM (EST)!!

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