How to use Content Marketing on Real Estate [#IRGChat]

How to use Content Marketing on Real Estate?

How to use Content Marketing on Real Estate. I’m sure if you have ever been online you have heard the term content marketing, so let me tell you a little secret, content marketing is the king of creating business! It’s the best outlet to have your business known while also having some creative output towards your online audience! During this week’s IRGChat we shared some insight and had tons of fun commenting on our different strategies with this kind of content!

Q1: What kind of Real Estate Content are your generating at the moment?

A1: We have a few different platforms running with content like podcasts, videos and blogposts, it’s important for you to not get stuck in a single type of content in only one platform, while it can be a bit overwhelming to have too many things to create at once, as long as you continue putting things out there, you are doing fine! Do keep in mind that Real Estate is a very competitive field but also one that is being left a bit behind by the times, so innovate and create something original to share with others!

Q2: What kind of Real Estate content would you like to start creating?

A2: We would love to start interviewing other departments of the company for our podcast or youtube videos, as there are so many things they do that don’t often get shared here! They are the wheels that keep this business going and we would love to have an outlet for their voice and maybe give away a few Real Estate strategies that have worked for them in the past and can work for you now! They are always in the thick of the Real Estate process, so it would be awesome to do that!

Q3: What are the best strategies on content marketing for Real Estate?

A3: It’s best to offer information while also offering a service! So don’t be too direct and tease them a bit! Why do you think movie and TV show teasers are so popular? On Real Estate we are kind of used to giving all the answers all at once and that’s not only a mistake but also something we can always work on! Tease them, give them bits of content while also offering business! Also have different answers to different questions, if you have a blogpost about foreclosure have another one about short sales and cross promote them!

Q4: Why do you think is best to use content marketing above others on Real Estate?

A4: Content Marketing is beyond just pushing your services on people’s faces, you can have connections and create stronger leads as you develop relationships with these people and treat them as such! Content marketing works perfectly for every business, but I think out of them all Real Estate can take the cake! Implement this marketing technique and you will be generating better and stronger leads because you are not only sharing your business, services or listings, you are also sharing something they’ll feel like they can relate to, which makes it easier for them to trust your brand!

Q5: Content marketing: Virality or Quality on Real Estate?

A5: While is good to have viral content done, it’s always quality over and above anything else, it creates a better brand! Do keep in mind that viral content won’t allow for you to have a loyal client! Let’s be serious here, when was the last time you checked the profiles of content creators who went viral? While going viral offers you a lot of exposure it can be short lived, so having good content and a slow growth can sometimes be better as it is organic in all ends!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s IRGChat and remember to come back next week for an even better one! You will not only be joining us but also Laura, who sadly missed this one!


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Next week it’s gonna be all about generating leads for your Real Estate business on Instagram, can it happen? Is it easy? All of your questions will be answered next Thursday at 2PM (EST)!!

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