How to Recover your Real Estate from Hurricane Irma!

How to Recover your Real Estate from Hurricane Irma

We are all at the will of nature and that was completely shown by the past Hurricane Irma, and what is has done to everyone involved, but mostly what has happened to the Real Estate? can it be recovered, fixed and put back the way it was? That’s the question plenty of people are asking themselves now! Is there a way to recover or should I give up and move on? Don’t let Hurricane Irma be the one making those decisions for you, though! Here are 4 things to do to recover your Real Estate from Hurricane Irma!


We’ve all heard it before, if you were prepared things like this wouldn’t affect your house! But truth is, yes there are some things you can do but when nature makes a call and furthers a decision there’s not going back! Don’t let this discourage you though, because there are plenty of ways you can make your house safe and ready for another Hurricane Irma if there is one (hopefully not!). in many cases it is better to be safe than sorry so what should you do? Start with the basics, windows shutters! As you guys probably saw during Hurricane Irma, the winds were just as damaging as the water, so prepare your house’s windows for it and make them secure enough that they can protect the inside of the house as much as possible!

After you add your windows shutter maybe try some roof clippers! These guys are super helpful and will most likely protect your house as much as possible in case of strong winds such as the one we experienced during Hurricane Irma! You can do this alongside the more inexpensive ones like reinforcing your doors and walls to protect your home! If you are not being evacuated (which if you are, please do it!) at least have a place in the house that will safeguard you and your family while the hurricane happens!

While all of these options are great to protecting your home, they can also be very costly, and make a dent in your monthly budget leaving you back to where you started, doing nothing and fearing for the safety of your Real Estate in case another Hurricane Irma comes. The thing with preparing your house for anything like this, it’s that basically it’s pretty much a gamble!

2.Hire someone to fix it up!

It’s bound to happen guys! There’s going to be damages in your house and if you protected it correctly it’s going to be an easy fix… but what if you didn’t? Hurricane Irma was one of the biggest ones to hit and there were houses that were heavily affected by this! But the thing is, if you had insurance in your house you might leave this one unfazed (even though there are plenty things they might not cover, check this article about Insurance Won’t Cover Damage To 80% Of Homes Flooded By Hurricane Harvey by consumerist to get an idea about it) but if you were part of the unlucky ones, you will have some issues with your house! So you might have to have someone else fix it up for you, which is very costly but it will bring up a good finish result and your home could be back to where it was at the beginning.

The downside of this as well is the fact that prices for this kind of work will rise up during this time as demand is high and offer is running low, so be prepared for the big punch in case it comes! You could get a Hard Money Loan from us in case this is your choice with very low interest rates!

3.Fix it up yourself!

If there’s minimal repairs needed, great! Fix your house up yourself if you think you can take upon the challenge! But here’s the thing, with the consequences Hurricane Irma brought up, such as flooding, and power cuts, along the strong winds your house might have some issues that not even the strongest DYIer in the world might be able to handle!

Quite honestly, if you face this situation have your house inspected! That way you will know exactly what’s coming up and where to head over and try your best to save up some cash by doing some of the work yourself, it might sound crazy hard but quite honestly it can be super rewarding! So don’t let Hurricane Irma make you give up on your dream house and work on it until it’s back to where you had it first!

4.Sell your house!

Sometimes the damage is too deep and money runs short in this kind of situations, so if you are facing it up, don’t worry! We buy houses in any condition, situation and location here in South Florida! And with us the process of it all can be super quick as we offer fair Cash Offers for them, and we like to close the deal in 7 days! This way you will be able to move on to a new property and start preparing it for the future! The best part of going with this option is you get your money right away with no extra fees to be paid! And as we are buyers we sell houses, so you can work with us into finding your next home!

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This option is not for everyone, but if your house is beyond repair or the price for it is far too high, this kind of deals works wonders for you! You can also avoid a foreclosure with this option, so ask your lender if you need to sell your house!

Keep in mind that we are not the only ones who were affected by this awful event, so please if you can donate to those who were deeply affected by this and help rebuild homes! Volunteer to the Red Cross and if you can’t physically volunteer, don’t worry! You can donate to them as well for the best results! Check them out here and help those in need!


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