How to hold you first sale! [#IRGChat]

How to hold you first sale! [#IRGChat]

This week’s IRGChat was all about first time experiences! This was a tough one for me, because it brought back some really cringe’y memories of my first time in this field! But I hope my experiences were helpful to you and you can learn a bit about the real estate world through them! If you want to be a part of next week’s IRGChat, we have one every Thursday at 2 pm (EST)! But for now, let’s recap!

Q1: How was your first Home sale experience?

A1: It was a very small house in downtown Miami! I had little experience, so I worked alongside with some experts! I was terrified, I remember having my first client in a meeting and being so underprepared! But it worked out at the end as I finally found a buyer who was kind and patient enough with me! I learned rather quickly that I needed far more training that I thought and it wasn’t as easy as it seemed!

Q2: What hardships did you overcome in your first home sale?

A2: I almost lost the sale! Before I found my end buyer I had a few clients who were pretty interested, and I put them over the one who finally bought the place! It was stressful to say the least when I realized that the other guys were trying to rip me off! I was super inexperienced with some terms so they took that to their advantage, so when the time came for me to sign things the contract was pretty alien to me! As soon as I saw that I didn’t know what was going on, I went for help and hired a lawyer! It was worth every penny!

Q3: What would you wish you would’ve done differently in your first home sale?

A3: I would’ve done far more research and looked for help sooner! I could’ve lost a lot of money and credibility with my end buyer! But once I did find the help I needed, it was way better! Still was a stressful couple of weeks!

Q4: What do you think people should dedicate more time to during a home sale?

A4: Networking! This is the time for you to build relationships that will help you to keep up on the business! I am very happy with the people I met then, because with them I grew tons more and continuously worked alongside them until I was able to build my career!

Q5: What is your best tip for a new agent during a home sale

A5: Communication is key to everything here! So keep in contact and ask for direct information from everyone involved! If you are always asking and doing constant follow ups there’ll be no big surprises like a lien or violation you didn’t think existed! Also a good communication will make your client feel comfortable!

Q6: What in your opinion should be the main focus during a home sale?!

A6: Your main focus should be in how can you keep the buyer or client after the closing! Build those relationships as strong as possible! I made a good relationship with my end buyer and together we made a few other deals throughout the time! It was a great learning opportunity and I’m so glad I kept up the work and didn’t give up as I thought I would!

So this was my first time holding a sale! How was yours?! I hope you learn more and more with our next IRGChat! It’s gonna be a fun one, so don’t miss out! Remember, every Thursday at 2 pm (EST) over on our twitter account!


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