How to generate leads through Instagram on Real Estate! [#IRGChat]

How to generate leads through Instagram on real estate

How to generate leads through Instagram on real estate! If you have a Real Estate company, or simply you are a Real Estate Agent yourself, generating leads is absolutely a necessity when it comes to social media, but how do you adjust yourself to that? Quite honestly, sometimes we don’t even know how to generate leads through Instagram on Real Estate, however we have tried many and here are some of the results! If you want to be a part of this ever going learning experience, make sure to tune in every Thursday at 2PM over on our twitter account for next week’s IRGChat!

Q1: What is your current Lead Generating strategy for Instagram on Real Estate?

A1: We are following a posting schedule, asking question and sharing information on our current listings! Having a schedule to post images not only helps you figure out at what times people are on Instagram, but also helps you keep tabs on how many things you post per day! It’s amazing to generate leads through Instagram on Real Estate as they can also be waiting for your posting hour to see what you have new in stock!

Q2: What results are you getting with your current strategy?

A2: Usually we get 1 or 2 leads per week interested on our Real Estate deals! It’s getting there, tho! It’s actually quite impressing considering we don’t have that much time using the account regularly! The bigger you grow the more leads you would be generating on Instagram! So just because you haven’t gotten your first one, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen soon!

Q3: How do you present your Real Estate branding on Instagram?

A3: We tend to post videos for our Listings and Real Estate related content to showcase our branding! We have all sorts of content, from tips to quotes to general advice to facts! Those work amazing when you want to attract people to your Instagram account, but they work even better when you want to attract leads! They’ll come in for the content and stay for the listings!

Q4: What other Lead Generating strategies would you like to use on Instagram for your Real Estate business?

A4: A contest! It would be so much fun and a great way to engage with other Real Estate businesses and get people involved with us! We have been pondering that idea for a while now, but what do you think? Would you be interested on something like that? Do let us know!

Q5: What is your favorite part of using Instagram for your Real Estate Marketing?

A5: The gallery aspect of it! You can completely showcase your brand and your Real Estate listings, and the fact that whenever anyone visits our profile they can see our growth through time! It’s super refreshing to have this, but also because Instagram is very business related, so you’re more likely to receive leads through this social media platform than you are on Facebook, for example!  So that’s our favorite part!

Q6: How are you targeting your Real Estate audience on Instagram?

A6: We prepare content for Real Estate Agents, Homeowners and new home buyers! It’s great to give everyone something they’ll like, as we said on Question 3, we like to have content that will attract anyone who might be interested on Real Estate, which in general it can be anyone, since everyone wants a house or has a house! So we do have some targeted content for only Real Estate people and homeowners!

Q7: What kind of Real Estate content works best for you to get new leads on Instagram?

A7: Videos! We have been uploading videos of our listings every day and the feedback has been quite positive! What about you? What has been working for you on this subject? Let us know, we are always looking for new information!

If you found this IRGChat helpful, get excited for next week! As I said before, if you want to be a part of this amazing opportunity, tune in to our twitter account every Thursday at 2PM and let’s share some insight on our Real Estate business in this social media era!


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Next week it’s gonna be all about generating leads for your Real Estate business on Instagram, can it happen? Is it easy? All of your questions will be answered next Thursday at 2PM (EST)!!

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