How to generate leads through calls?


The only way we have to really know what a person knows is by asking them directly what their needs are, for this reason, telephone calls have always been one of the strategies with the most positive results and the one that has been most used in real estate. Over the years, in this way many of the agents or companies in charge of buying and selling real estate have found potential customers who were waiting for that push that many need to decide.A large part of the negotiations carried out in this market are carried out thanks to a call in which a person contacts prospects to gradually turn them into potential clients and finally turn them into negotiation realities. Having to call a certain number of people who do not know anything to know if a result can be generated can be complicated, for this, here are some vital tips to generate more leads through phone calls:

Respect and education:

Beyond any advice we can give you, the first thing you should know is that receiving a call from someone respectful who knows the value of time that could be taking away and is also attentive will give a good impression that will lead to in the security of the response.

First impression:

You probably have few minutes to talk with this potential client and the only opportunity you have to engage in an entertaining conversation is the one you are using, so the first impression and the way you present yourself are important for success Of the call.

Direct information:

As we know, time is essential in this work, so the concrete, direct and well-transmitted information will help you to communicate correctly with who you are calling. The better you understand what you need, the more details you can get even if you only ask three simple questions.


You can not make a call without having the main data of the person and the property because in this way you can lose much of the time which you could be using to obtain the data you need most. Doing a preliminary investigation of the prospect list you have will help you avoid this.


Making a call and receiving a positive response is not everything, this is where the follow-up and attention you give to customers becomes your best ally to create business opportunities that are totally beneficial.

After all, being able to specify something that until then is intangible will depend on your capacity for persuasion and on the way in which you communicate because the only connection you have with these people is the call you are making. Using these tips and continuously improving through practice you will find many more deals than you thought you could find at the time you started.

important phrase:

“The ability to simplify means eliminating the unnecessary so that what is necessary can speak.”

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