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The technology has come to stay and a living proof of this is the evolution that all household implements have been taking, from TVs with Internet connection to refrigerators that are able to let you know how much food you have been born to greatly facilitate the life of the human being allowing them to be able to do this type of tasks in quicker ways converting a common real estate into a smart home.All the tools that are appearing over the years in certain aspects has improved people’s lives, but in other points they have become expensive acquisitions which need a certain economic status that not all of them possess and that often seems not be so necessary.There will be people who prefer to live as they have always done, with simple appliances that are made to fulfill a certain amount of tasks and there will be another type of person who sees this revolution as the perfect moment to get into these advances, achieving in a certain way the freedom from daily tasks. that not everyone wants to do.How practical a smart home can be or not will depend a lot on your lifestyle and how open you are to the new possibilities that these types of developments are capable of bringing, after all, a cleaning assistant that cleans a large part of dust on the floor or an improved lighting station that improves electrical flow can easily be a big purchase.Points such as safety, scope, comfort, energy efficiency, profitability and the future that constantly open the door for new findings are those taken by those who defend and use these products. Beyond any objection, we can not avoid that this reaches us because they are already building houses that are fully automated and only you have the decision to be in it or live in a common house.

important phrase:

“Things do not change; we change. “

Henry David Thoreau.
Essayist, poet, philosopher, naturalist, topographer and American historian.

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