Good vs Great Real Estate Agent!

Good vs Great Real Estate Agent!

In this ever-growing market, Real Estate agents must be in the lookout for what’s new and how to improve their business, how to deal with clients, and most importantly how to portray themselves to others! The average Realtor will sell properties to their clients without that much research done surrounding it, only attaching themselves to the basics, which is a mistake they shouldn’t commit!

A good agent would create relationships with its clients during and after every sale, as well as do enough research on the area, the surroundings, the comps, the HOA if there’s any, and provide this information to them once before it’s even asked, basically, a good agent is prepared, open, honest and welcoming to his/her clients, creating an environment where the feedback is constant and future deals have a big place.

The real estate market is big, vast and always moving in all sorts of directions, going from single family houses to big commercial buildings, and as an agent, they should focus their business towards what their clients are constantly in need of, considering keeping old clients happy and satisfied with what the agent is bringing to the table, so they will bring business your way, just as we’ve always said, referrals are the king of marketing in this specific industry!

In IRG Corporation, we create innovative solutions to your Real Estate needs, meaning, we continuously grow the ways you as a client can reach us, as well as growing as a business, implementing different strategies to bring the best deals South Florida has to offer, but what do we do, you may ask? We buy properties that appeal to our clients, those include distress houses, foreclosures, investment sales, bank owned, REOs, discounted multifamily options, fixer uppers and handyman deals! Our main strategy is always in the lookout for a good investment or a great profit!

As the globalize world expands, we are moving along with technology and marketing strategies to bring you the best deals! We’ve moved around our marketing systems over the past years to always have a good stock of properties and deals to provide to our clients! We’ve invested out time, energy and resources into refining the way we market out properties and company to make it what it is today!

While our main focus is buying properties, fixing them and selling them, we also find the right properties for our clients, and that’s exactly where partnerships come in handy! We like to work in ways where giving you a chance to sell your property through us is also available! We offer our clients options and ways to succeed in the very complex and big market, so if you want to be a part of our team, join us!

So if you are a Real Estate Investor and you’re looking for a great deal to put your money in, we’re here to help you through this process! We find the properties and we let you know if it fits your criteria! The best part of it is that are well-known in South Florida and we always have a variety of good deals waiting for you or a budget to buy what you have to sell.

It ultimately is your choice whether or not you work with a good agent, or a great one, and frankly the difference is quite noticeable! If you want to start investing alongside us today, you can contact us through our email or call us to (786) 565.87.26!

If you want to be updated on our latest rehabs, deals and sells, do follow us throughout social media as we’ll be updating on them, alongside with giving you important information regarding the Real Estate world!

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