Effective meeting strategies.

We all know that the first moment in which two people who are going to work together for the first time know each other can draw many conclusions, that although sometimes they are hurried, they say a lot about how the development of the employment relationship that is about to be presented will be .

The first meeting is the key point to know if what is really to be done will work because that is where you know closely how to behave and how the agent works or otherwise the client. Take care of the small details and have enough confidence to demonstrate it is essential for this type of meetings to go well, so, here are some tips so you can leave the best first impression possible:

Take care how you dress:

The first thing that the other person will always see is your personal image. The way you look can project much of what you need to make a good impression, so take care of your hygiene and wear clothes that make you look professional.


Whether real estate in general or specific properties, the information you handle and how you express it easily will help you win the other person in an instant.


This can be your best ally both personally and professionally because this allows you to understand those around you giving you greater possibilities of saying and doing the right thing to be able to leave a good impression. Being attentive and putting yourself in each other’s shoes is vital to creating a strong connection.

Rate the time:

Both yours and the others, time is a precious commodity in the real estate and life in general, have respect for this and comply with scheduled schedules will give an impression that you can not even imagine.

What should be done to create an impact seems to be simple, but, on the contrary to what you think this is the main mistakes that are made when having a first meeting and taking absolute care you can always achieve the first option to anyone.

important phrase:

“Try first to understand, then, to be understood.”

Stephen Covey.
American educator, author, entrepreneur and speaker.

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