Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket.

Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket.

Today the first statistics regarding the real estate market are already appearing in December and early January bringing a lot of certainties that were thought to be fulfilled and also a few questions which have surprised many of the professionals and experts who are in charge to study what happens.

Last month there was a movement in the market that has attracted a lot of attention because it reflects a 6.4% drop in sales against what was expected; usually this type of changes are accompanied by government measures and in this case, everything comes from different elements, taking by surprise to strangers.

Although there is no apparent and clear reason, there is talk that it can be the direct influence that the trust has on the buyers that has been decreasing since the middle of last year when the market started to slow down considerably and the Consumers did not make decisions lightly due to constant fluctuations in prices.

Also to this apparent fall in sales should be added the fact that although this year there is a greater number of jobs and the purchasing power is greater than previous years, the possibility that a family has to buy a property is not so high and it is directly due to the increase in mortgage rates, which are unpayable by many.

Interestingly, the offer in recent months has increased, presenting a range of opportunities for buyers but the demand has not grown as expected and this is just a reflection of how complicated it is for someone to acquire a property through a loan even when There is talk that a house is more affordable now than twenty years ago.

We may be entering a period of caution where potential buyers are waiting to see what happens with the market projected n do thus this gap between supply and demand that has alarmed those working within the real estate However, There will be movements in the market more linked to the areas where prices have been decreasing but this is only a reflection of the economic uncertainty that is currently being experienced.

Important phrase :

“Experience is what you have left when you do not get what you want. And the experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer. “

Randy Pausch.

Professor of computer science and American design.

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