Details that can increase your property value!

There are many ways to know the real value of a property within the market which depend on certain variables that should always be known, such as comparables, additional comforts, tailor-made designs or the neighborhood in which the house is located. is evaluating giving in this way an idea of ​​what it would be worth.

When this study is done in search of having a base price to be able to go out to the market one must be very careful with certain aspects and attention must always be given to those sites or elements that are capable of greatly enhancing the property you want to sell. For that reason, here we leave you some of the details that you did not know that can increase the value of your property:


Most neighborhoods have properties in which technology is not very common leaving a possibility that updates of certain aspects within the house will easily raise the value. Topics of electrical appliances, solar panels, lighting or pipes could guarantee you a little more profit.


Although it seems obvious, the impression of hygiene when looking at a house for the first time invites a large number of buyers not to discard the house. Painting important areas of the property in addition to the front will bring an attractive image to customers.


The proximity to certain attractions in the area can represent a considerable increase in the value of your property, since the proximity to the urban center or commercial areas can represent an advantage over the most distant properties.


The first impression is often the key to concrete business and the best way to achieve this is to organize your property in such a way that it is attractive to those who see it. Things like cleanliness, order, neatness and care of all areas are essential for a house in good condition.

Once you have knowledge of this and everything you need, the valuation of the property is more attached to the reality of the real estate market allowing you to enter the direct competition in this way to avoid not being able to sell the house or not being able to receive what You really should receive at the time of sale.

important phrase:

“Sometimes it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to obtain extraordinary results.”

Warren Buffett.

Investor and American businessman.

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