🎧Calling and conversion! 🏡

Calling and conversion . Calls to potential prospects or customers is one of the most important elements within a sales department because the vast majority of conversions come from the success that agents can have with all the people they should call in the course of their working day. To achieve all this requires a well-structured training and a … Continued

Marketing trends to realtors

Marketing trends to realtors. Digital marketing has become one of the main tools for real estate in the last 5 years due to the facilities it offers for communication and the transmission of information as well as the massiveness it has, allowing you to reach a large number of possible customers. This year that will … Continued

Ways to attract incredible deals to you!

Ways to attract incredible deals to you. The first years of real estate can be a bit frustrating for people who don’t have enough patience to face difficulties, after all, creating a name as an investor or agent requires working constantly so that opportunities find you in the best place and at the right time. … Continued

✔Tips to generate leads in 2019👌

The generation of the internet has brought any number of new strategies and tools for the business world, not for nothing, today we are in a time where marketing and advertising are an important part of the structure of a business providing certain benefits about those who have stayed in time. The attraction of potential … Continued

Landlors Advice!

The real estate represents one of the markets with the greatest investment possibilities , not for nothing a large number of people search among the options to create a profitable movement of money, and a large part choose to use the rental of their properties to obtain the benefits that this brings to the owners … Continued

How to Build the best Real Estate Team?

At some point in the structuring of your business you will understand that you need people to work with you in order to increase the productivity of work and also you can obtain a greater range of scope when looking for potential prospects or develop strategies to locate potential customers for your service . It … Continued

How do buyers perceive their ability to buy a house?

With the passing of the months the generalized sensation begins to change to the point of being positive for the buyers because of how things look in the near future there will be a greater number of people wanting to buy if really the current trends they remain with optimistic projections. We all know the … Continued

How to chose the best Condo for you?

The years go by full of changes and novelties, among them, the condos that are a type of property located in a building or in a large community are appearing, which represents a kind of union between a common house and an apartment, forming a modality that It may be attractive for new customers who … Continued

Real Estate Alert for 2019!

At the beginning of each year it is common that the vast majority of people begin to ask about certain important things and among them is what could be the best market to invest the money you have and be able to obtain a constant profit from it. Despite the trends that are handled at … Continued