🏠Wholesaling Techniques📊

The wholesaling today represents one of the best alternatives within the real estate to start a business , however, enter these practices without right or without a coherent strategy planning with today can easily make your job difficult. There are techniques that according to your way of working can be perfectly adapted thus achieving to distribute your effort equally without losing too … Continued

Tips to do successful Cold Calling

If you are able to ask any professional within the real estate that would be what most wants to happen, probably everyone will answer that they would prefer clients or potential prospects who come to them to do business, however, the harsh reality is that if you want to be in this place you must … Continued

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Even today there are those who doubt the power of digital marketing in the business world and believe that this is a waste of time or money wasted, unfortunately, for this type of people the reality can be very strong by letting them see that a real estate company currently without movement within the internet will … Continued

📣How to Build an Investor Network 🤝

📣How to Build an Investor Network 🤝 The universe of investment within real estate has represented over the years a niche in which a large number of people managed to find the space indicated to use their money and obtain great profits over time forming an area for business that little by little is growing. Beyond … Continued

What you should do before listing your house?

What you should do before listing your house to sell. Selling a house can be one of the situations you least want when you are an owner, however, there are times when it is absolutely necessary to have to think about selling and the only way to succeed doing it is to try to follow the … Continued

Mistakes you should avoid in the wholesaling.

Mistakes you should avoid in the wholesaling. The real estate area can be called one of the most profitable sites that can bring an intelligent and dedicated investor, but at the same time, can easily become the headache that everyone is trying to escape by the simple act of committing blunders. Someone who is patient and well informed … Continued

How to avoid expensive repairs at home?

Once you become the owner of the property that you wanted so much, you have to take into account the different expenses that are implicit with this acquisition, because like any object that is in continuous use, it has to be protected and maintained accordingly to avoid damages that may be too expensive for you. … Continued

Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket.

Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket. Today the first statistics regarding the real estate market are already appearing in December and early January bringing a lot of certainties that were thought to be fulfilled and also a few questions which have surprised many of the professionals and experts who are in charge to study what … Continued

Common mistakes in Digital Marketing!

Common mistakes in digital marketing. Social networks over the past few years have become an essential element when creating a business and have some kind of digital presence, many are the strategies that can be used to do things right but let go of certain details they could become a bigger problem that will take … Continued

Brand New Techniques to Reach New Customers

The construction of a company or a name on the market that may be a rather complicated task from a distance, however, who have been doing this for years know very well that what really costs is to find the right type of customer that is looking of the product that you are giving to … Continued