Productivity tips for Call Centers!

Productivity tips for Call Centers! The call center represents one of the most common and most important spaces for marketing in these times because much of the ability to reach prospects and customer service occurs in these groups of agents who are constantly in direct communication with the public. Much of the productivity of a call center depends on the person who manages it … Continued

Guide for wholesaling

Many who have come here have heard of the technique of wholesaling which has gradually become one of the most popular forms of investment in real estate because of its methodology and the direct contact with the different types of situations that can be presented on the day of an agent or a real estate investor.. The wholesaling is not more than the search of properties that can … Continued

📚Tips to have a successful Real Estate blog💻📘

Over the last few years the emergence of the internet has brought a lot of alternatives to publicize or reproduce information on a large scale and among them is one of the most successful is the creation of a blog , a place where material is generally published illustrative that is complementary to the service … Continued

Tips for buying a house for the first time

The purchase of a property is full of paperwork and stages that must be passed in order to finally be the owner, however, buyers who do this for the first time may not have much information about what is done in this type of process , resulting in more important a basic description that allows … Continued

The Importance of the Speach in Real Estate!

For those who have ever worked in the real estate market it is well known how important is the first impression that can be generated both to customers and future business partners, after all, the vast majority of meetings or business meetings are They do it in person and the only way to create a … Continued

Los Mitos mas Comunes sobre las Rentas.

Seguramente en algún punto de tu vida has considerado alquilar una propiedad y muy en el fondo de tu cabeza una voz te ha dado un montón de razones para que no lo hagas porque posiblemente podría ser una decisión equivocada para ti, pero, esto se debe a la gran cantidad de mitos que han … Continued

Real Estate Bubble 2019

Since 2008 there is a very controversial issue that every year appears in the mouth of market experts and is the so famous and at the same time fateful real estate bubble to which all involved within have some fear because in recent months It has been appearing in different blogs as a short-term possibility. … Continued

Experience Vs Strategies !

In any work environment there are topics full of controversy because many of those who make up this area are placed at either end looking to create some kind of distance between those who work in the area they work and what they think they are, creating a kind of separation between professionals that should … Continued

😍❤The Perfect House for a Cuple!😍❤

Living as a couple can be one of the most important steps in a person’s life and in turn, this can be capable of producing a great amount of stress due to everything that must be done, becoming one of the most important events and with more wear than exists. It does not matter if … Continued

“4” Consejos para elegir la mejor Rental List.

Es bien conocido que una gran mayoría de las personas (generalmente solteros, adultos jóvenes o nuevas familias) tienen presente como una opción bien posicionada el alquilar una propiedad la cual les permita establecer un proyecto de vida a corto o mediano plazo debido a que resulta muchísimo más barato y se presenta como una oportunidad … Continued