Best Places to Buy in South Florida! [#IRGChat]

Best places to buy in South Florida

This week’s IRGChat was all about the best places to buy in South Florida! It was a very good one, and if you want to be a part of next week’s one all about Summer Buying, it’s on Thursday at 2 pm (EST)! Can’t wait to see you there!

Q1: What do you think makes a good buying zone?

A1: A good zone to purchase Real Estate is the one that’s always growing and moving forward! The job market needs to be up and running, it needs some new infrastructure happening, and a very low vacancy rate so that you know people actually want to be there!

Q2: What has been your best buying experience?

A2: My best buying experience has definitely been my last one! It was easy, quick and everyone was happy with the deal! I think everyone loves a fast transaction with easy going buyers who are interested in finishing the whole process and moving on!

Q3: What in your opinion is the most needed thing in a buying zone?

A3: Absolutely a very low vacancy rate! If you invest to rent, or resell and people are not interested in living there, what then?! Basically the more interested people are in the area, the better for business!

Q4: What are your usual plans when buying a house?

A4: Here in IRG Corporation usually we buy houses to fix and resell, so that’s what I’m always in the lookout for! So if you have a property you want to sell do let us know and we’ll take care of it!

Q5: What is your favorite buying zone?

A5: Probably something in downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale! Best places in my opinion! But we have a whole blogpost about it, which you can check out here!
If you missed this week’s IRGChat you can join us to the newer one! It’s all about Summer Buying! As usual, every Thursday at 2pm (EST)!


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