Basic Documentation to emigrate to the USA.

Before making any trip, either to the United States or to another specific country, it is important to present a documentation which allows you to remain legally in their lands giving you in this way all the benefits that this condition can give you as a foreigner.

All this paperwork must obviously be done in your country of origin where, depending on where you live, are located in ministries or consulates which are specifically responsible for this work. Before thinking about taking any trip or moving permanently to the United States, it is important that you verify the validity of all the necessary documents and, in addition, process those that you need so that at the time of arrival there is no problem that makes it happen. uncomfortable For this, here is a basic list of the documentation you must have to migrate to the US:

Identity documents:

Depending on your country, this documentation is what accredits you as a citizen and is where your personal information is displayed, such as full names, marital status, date of birth, etc.

Degrees, diplomas and academic certificates:

In case you want to look for work, this point is essential, since this information is what will make employers see the different attitudes and skills you have.


This reflects the work experience you have had. This point complements the aforementioned one.

Work references:

Primordial to be able to support all the information regarding your professional and work area because this way you certify what you reflect in the curriculum.

Criminal record:

This document represents the good behavior you have had within your country of origin giving you the assurance that you are a person who has respected the laws and will not cause any problems.

Bank documents and business records:

All this information is important, especially for the time you want to acquire some type of loan because here reflects the ability you have to manage your economy.

Proof of sufficiency in the language:

Although it is not absolutely necessary, it can be an advantage if you know English. This can open more doors than you think.


Updated visual document in which you can see that you are the person you claim to be

Visa application form:

Depending on the type of visa, either simply as a visit or as an investor. It is essential that you have this document because it is mandatory to be able to legally enter the United States.

Medical examination and registration of immunizations:

This has to do with questions of national security in order to avoid any alarm of contagion. If necessary, you should be vaccinated and have a complete medical check-up

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