Los Mitos mas Comunes sobre las Rentas.

Seguramente en algún punto de tu vida has considerado alquilar una propiedad y muy en el fondo de tu cabeza una voz te ha dado un montón de razones para que no lo hagas porque posiblemente podría ser una decisión equivocada para ti, pero, esto se debe a la gran cantidad de mitos que han … Continued

Real Estate Bubble 2019

Since 2008 there is a very controversial issue that every year appears in the mouth of market experts and is the so famous and at the same time fateful real estate bubble to which all involved within have some fear because in recent months It has been appearing in different blogs as a short-term possibility. … Continued

Experience Vs Strategies !

In any work environment there are topics full of controversy because many of those who make up this area are placed at either end looking to create some kind of distance between those who work in the area they work and what they think they are, creating a kind of separation between professionals that should … Continued

😍❤The Perfect House for a Cuple!😍❤

Living as a couple can be one of the most important steps in a person’s life and in turn, this can be capable of producing a great amount of stress due to everything that must be done, becoming one of the most important events and with more wear than exists. It does not matter if … Continued

History of success in real estate.

Many speak of luck, of being in the right place at the right time, however, those who have touched success with their hands know that this is about more than chance because dedication and effort are the fundamental basis of what that you will be in the future if your work meets the opportunities that … Continued

Details that can increase your property value!

There are many ways to know the real value of a property within the market which depend on certain variables that should always be known, such as comparables, additional comforts, tailor-made designs or the neighborhood in which the house is located. is evaluating giving in this way an idea of ​​what it would be worth. … Continued

Diferencias entre tener Exito y Fracasar en Real estate.

El éxito es un tema que constantemente se toca en cualquier ámbito laboral, y si nos vamos directamente al real estate, mucha de la mística y prestigio que tiene se debe a esos casos de éxito en los cuales una persona con su dedicación y firmeza fue capaz de alcanzar el punto donde se encuentra … Continued

Inventory Goes down and prices go up!

Because of how things have been moving continuously within the real estate market, the projections have stopped surprising showing continuous trends in which the inventory of listed properties falls and the price of the few houses that there are rising without appearing to have any type of top being this negative for all those first-time … Continued

Is it a good idea to invest in real estate while abroad?

Investment has always been a theme linked to the United States, not for nothing have great entrepreneurs throughout its history that have been responsible for laying the foundations of what we know today. The doors that have been opened has given the opportunity to thousands of people who have enjoyed the great benefits that this … Continued

I can’t pay the mortgage! what to do ?

To be able to face the payment of a mortgage, a prior investigation must have been made concrete enough to know if it is really the right thing for your current situation, do it without knowing very well what you are going to do or without having an economic support that can enduring the expenses … Continued